On 11/25/2011 my friends at Headway Themes (*affiliate link) is going to release the most revolutionary drag and drop WordPress Theme on the market today.

Grant Griffiths shared with me on Blog World and New Media Expo 2011 that after the new release then Headway Themes (*affiliate link) will introduce a hole new pricing structure. But if you act before 11/25/2011 your price and license will be grandfathered as it is today. This means you are just paying a one time fee for this revolutionary WordPress Theme. After this date it will become a yearly fee.

Since Headway Themes 3.0 (*affiliate link) is hole new standard, or more less a hole new WordPress Theme I will redesign my blog from scratch.

I am excited to start a new chapter with my Hotel Blog, and the way I present my information here. It will give me an opportunity to reorganize my information. And of course it is a good time for backing up my info.

Just the option to adding Child Themes will make this a total new experience for me. With Child Themes I will have these options available:

  • Different layout options
  • Different color schemes to pick from
  • Widgets where you want
  • Various page templates to get you up and going quick
  • Headway’s amazing search engine optimization
  • Unlimited domains so you can use it on as many sites as you want
  • Rock solid and responsive support from the Headway Support Team and our great community

I already have the developer licence from Headway Themes (*affiliate link) for the ultimate experience. This will just add additional value to my experience.

The timing of Headway Themes (*affiliate link) release works out really well. It is a Holiday where Thanksgiving coming up on 11/24/2011. And many will use this time to celebrate with their families.

Note: I am aware of that an change like this sometimes comes with it perks. But stay tuned I am looking forward to serve you all from my new blog. I welcome you all back here again.

Thanks for taking to the time to stop by my Hotel Blog.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Headway — The Drag & Drop Theme For WordPress


Are Morch
Hotel Blogger