In How Social Media Can Boost Customer Loyalty I talk about how to utilize the Social Circle to build Customer Loyalty. Customer Loyalty is one element of your Social Brand Equity. Previously I have also looked into Why Hotels should use Social Media to increase Customer Loyalty.

Developing proper strategy, guidelines and tactics is other important elements. If you want to make a difference with your Hotel or Small Business then you need to start fish in new pounds. And it all starts with adding the proper pieces to the puzzle.

Strategy, guideline, and tactics

Social Media Strategy is your plan, or method of approach developed by an individual, group, or organization, in an effort to successfully achieve an overall goal or objective. Social Media Guidelines refer to a definite course of action adopted by an individual, group, or organization in an effort to promote the best practice particular to desired results.

However, when one thinks of Social Media Strategy, I believe one must also think of Social Tactics. Social Tactics involves the detail, the procedure, and the order of how to achieve the desired results particular to the Social Media Strategy.

A Social Media Guideline implies a rule or some kind of a guide whereas a Social Media Strategy is the methodology used to accomplish a target as prescribed by your guideline.


All of the above are deserving of critical thinking and analysis. A S.W.O.T. analysis has its worth when promoting critical thinking. What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the concept, plan, or approach?

In addition, when considering any concept, it helps to look at it in S.M.A.R.T. fashion: is it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Tangible?

Success may be in the eyes of the beholder in many situations. This needs to be discussed and documented. Once success is realized, an approach to promote repeatability is necessary. What we should look for is the stability and long-term survivability of the success realized.

Social Media Guideline

It is crucial for Hotels or Small Businesses today to start out with implementing a Social Media Guideline. This guideline either is part or refers to your Hotel or Small Business code of conduct.

Here are some of the elements to include in your guideline:

Be transparent – provide honest and truthful information – disclose your relationship with the brand
Be judicious – don’t violate your brands privacy and confidentiality
Be authentic – make sure your write about your area of expertise, when you write outside your area of expertise provide proper disclosure
Be perceptive – represent your brand, be consistent, be proud of who you are and your brands identity
Reach out – engage in the conversation, identify consumers that mention your brand or niche
Add value – identify your consumer’s needs and wants, and add value related to this
Be a thought leader – make your content open-ended, be proactive and anticipate trends, don’t talk negative about your competitions – why not refer to them?
Create excitement – share the values you learn, share Social Goodwill and leave Social Footprints
Did you screw up? – if you make mistakes – ADMIT IT!
Pause – if you question your knowledge or info, then pause and ask for others opinion within your own organization before you hit SEND..

Want To Learn More?

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