How To Outlisten Your Competition

Building Brand Equity starts with knowing how to listen and respond to your Social Media consumers wants and needs.

You need to start discovering new ways to listen to what consumers is saying about your brand. This can be info related to your product, service or your person. If you want to out listen your competition you need to learn what others are saying about you.

Your Blog Is Your HUB

Your Hotel or business blog is your home base. This is where you deliver the core message to your consumers. Here you extend your relationships, trust, value, care and customer loyalty.

When you hit a home run at your Hotel or business blog it don’t happen by accident or is just a lucky shoot. No it comes as a result of that you been able to out listen your competitor.

How to Hit Home Run

Out listening your competition is about keeping track of your brands Social Footprints.

  • Who mention your brand?
  • Where are your brand mentioned?
  • Why is your brand mentioned?
  • How often is your brand mentioned?
  • What is the cause of the mentions of your brand?
  • What effect does the mentions have on your brand?
  • How do you respond to the mentions of your brand?
  • How often do you give mentions to other brands yourself?

a. Develop an Inbound Social Media Strategy

You need to have all your Social Profiles point into your Hotel or Business Blog.

Google Webmaster Central provides most of the tools you need to optimize your blog as a listening profile.

Google Profile is where you leave your Social Profile to be seen by Google.

Google Places is where you claim your business.

@AreMorch on Twitter – set up a professional Outbound profile on Twitter that represent your brand.

Aweber eMail Marketing (affiliate) for outbound brand information.

Google Reader for outbound RSS feed options.

Feedburner for RSS Subscriptions of your blog. update all of your Social Networks when you have posted a new article.

Facebook for relationship management, and engagement channeling.

LinkedIn – set up a professional profile that show case your brand. Relationship marketing is a key component with B2C.

LinkedIn Company Pages – add your company to LinkedIn Company Pages.


With branded listening profiles you are setting up your Social Media Strategy towards allowing Brand anticipations. You want to channel what areas of your brand you can make anticipation related to.

This is where you start building Social Goodwill and also let your consumer know what they can anticipate related to your brand.


Pay attention and listen into the conversations related to your brand. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your consumers. They will appreciate it. Listen with your ears and eyes. Be willing to guide the consumer in the right direction, even if it is not in your direction. This is how you create Social Goodwill.


Respond to inquiries related to your brand. This is where you will implement an outbound Social Media Strategy. Some of the outbound listening profiles will utilize part of your inbound listening profiles.

b. Develop an Outbound Social Media Strategy

I utilize several Outbound Social Media Strategies to listen into mentions or discussions related to my brand. This covers a wide specter of topics that is related to my niche. I have listening profiles that covers:

Social Network Blogs

Listen into your Social Networks development and daily info.

Facebook Blog
Twitter Blog
LinkedIn Blog
Official Google blog

Google Tracking

Get sent notification to your email when your brand or niche is mentioned.

Google Analytic
Google Alerts

Mobile Tracking

Mobile tracking of your brand is a key component to reach out to consumers in untraditional places. Your brand is now traveling with you.
Twitbird – mobile Twitter client

Social Tracking

Social Tracking can be utilized both inbound and outbound. You can send updated status or info related to your brand on your social profiles, or you can get notified when your brand or niche is mentioned.

SocialOomph (affiliate)

Twitter Clients

Twitter is a true water-cooler, and you need efficient ways to sort out topics that you should respond to.


Twitter Search

Start familiarize yourself with Twitter Search. This is a very powerful listening outpost.

LinkedIn Answers

If you need answers to your business or niche-related questions then LinkedIn Answers will provide you with the tools you need.

Respond and start answer questions. Don’t be afraid to ask your consumers. Crowd-sourcing is to build a network of Social Listeners that will respond to you.

But always start Reach Out first!

What are you waiting for?

What have your Hotel or you done to build effective inbound and outbound listening profiles?