Why Social Media Response is so important..

You have set up your Social Media Guideline

You have set up your Social Media Strategy

With Social Media Response you have a very short time window to provide proper response. And you want to strive respond within the same medium as your consumers provide response related to your product or service.

Stick to a personal response that the consumer can relate to. Avoid scripted boring responses.

Providing proper response is a learning process, so allow yourself to do some mistakes. Nobody expects a perfect answer, as long as you take time to listen.

If you don’t know what response to provide, find someone that knows. Heck I would say even refer the consumer to your competitor if you can’t provide the proper response.

The long term effect of proper response will always triumph the short term effect of a bad response.

Social Media Response of the moment

Use a simple chart like here to provide proper response.

Your Turn…

How do you provide proper response to your consumers?