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Nimble allows me to take my relationship marketing to a new level. (*Disclaimer. Nimble partner)

Contact management can be a challenge for many Hotels, and with Social Media we are introduced to new challenges on a daily basis.

For me it became obvious that I needed a system that allowed me to focus on the things that really mattered for my own purpose.

I needed insight that allowed me to make quick decisions, and prompted me to take action. And I needed a good system to keep me organized and on track.

Also I needed a system that easily allowed me to categorize various segments.

One of my primary functions I was wanted to address was to better manage my Daily Rules For Success. I needed a easy way to organize my tasks, and also allowed me to easy indentify which tasks I could delegate. And this has given me a totally new perspective of Outsourcing.

Nimble just released a Nimble Widget for Chrome. Now, you’ll have the ability to view social profiles, streams and signals related to that contact from a single screen. Nimble also pulls and provides complete communications history of social messages, emails, notes, and events for every contact on your behalf. It’s a complete relationship management system.

Social Media provides Hotels with a unique opportunity to bring the Hotel Experience to the Customer. Are your Hotel utilizing tools that allows you to nurture this relationship in new unique ways?

Discover the Nimble Way to build effective Hotel Business Relationships.

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