Social Media a Valuable recruiting and staffing tool for Hotels

Human behavior and decision process have been impacted by Social Media, and recruiting and staffing are no exceptions.

For the savvy Hotel recruiters, Social Media has become the go-to place to find quality candidates to fill next-generation Hotel jobs.

Each Social Network attracts a different persona it is key to identifying the strategies that save your Hotel time and money.

Make a new and unexpected move on talent


Facebook is the largest Social Network and there are several unique ways to identify talent there.

Utilize your Hotels Fan Page to encourage talents to post a video where they share a story about a great Hotel experience. Or if you are even bolder since Facebook Live now is available to everyone put on a Live Event for people interested in learning more about what type of job opportunities your Hotel offers.


LinkedIn is primarily known as the Social Network for professionals. And this is traditionally has been where most job seekers hang out. Many Hotels has found great talent here.
Use LinkedIn to transform lives. LinkedIn advanced search tools allow you to find the right talent faster.

And the LinkedIn Recruiter platform lets you save talent so you always will have a shortlist at your fingertips.


Twitter is for many brands where they start to initiate conversations with potential talent. Use Twitter Search to identify active #hashtags. There are several high-quality tweet chats on relevant topics for Hotels. Engage in these chats and you will very fast be able to find quality and valuable talents.


Google is underutilized as a tool to identify talent. Take time to identify communities that add value to your Hotel. One great way to identify talent is through Google Hangouts.

The important part is that you have to give talent a reason to join.

Social Media has become an almost universally adopted hiring tool, with 92 percent of recruiters surveyed using it as part of their process. 87 percent are using Linkedin, 55 percent are using Facebook, and 47 percent are using Twitter.

One of the biggest challenges with recruiting and staffing is brand awareness, but Social Media is there to help yet again. 74 percent are using Social Networks to attract talent, 63 percent are using a company website, and 20 percent are using outbound campaigns like email.

Discover new trends and be part of the change.

Top 2016 Social Media Trends in Hotel Staffing and Recruiting – INFOGRAPHIC

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Top 2016 Social Media Trends in Staffing and Recruiting

Via AkkenCloud

Credit: AkkenCloud™ and Ghergich & Co

How are your Hotel finding the best talent today?

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Thanks to AkkenCloud™ and Ghergich & Co for the Infographic.

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