Are Social Media Collaboration and Networking The End Of Hotel Services As We Know It?

Recently I read an article on CNN; What Your Hotel Knows about you.

This article focus on how Hotels today utilize Social Media to add new values to the guests Hotel Experience.

Guests and potential customer share information through various Social Networks. And in many cases, this information is shared in the open environment with a large network.

Social Media has brought two values to the surface; Listening and Anticipation. Hotels that want to utilize this information it is important to know there is a fine balance between innovation and intrusiveness.

Success Keys

The key to success here lays in Networking & Collaboration.

Will Social Media Collaboration and Networking The End Of Hotel Services As We Know It? The answer is NO. But to utilize the power of Social Media Collaboration and Networking Hotels has to start building a new culture.

Hotels today will have to build their Social Media Strategy as a Team. And the two main key components is Relationship Marketing and Reputation Management.

Relationship Marketing Social Media adds one new essential component which what we today identify as Loyal Fans. And the Loyal Fans are a combination of both customers and employees. Social Media has the potential for high retention value with Loyal Fans.

Happy Employees

Long-term happy employees create long-term happy return guests.

What is the best approach for Hotels to get the most out of Social Media Collaboration and Networking?

Start building your Hotels Social Media Foundation with groundbreaking Value Innovation.

Fear Factors

The Myth Of Social Media shows us that there still is some degree of fear related to Social Media. The author indicates here “I fear Facebook (you can substitute Twitter, Instagram or any other social media site) may someday replace the basics of hospitality: the experience, joy, anticipation—even sensuality—hotel guests should feel when they step into your property”.

It is important that when starting to build your Hotels Social Media Foundation to identify fears both among employees and guests.

Social Media is a tool that will add value to the new Hotel Reference points. Social Media will change the way hotels serve their guests. Hotels of today should take control and develop their Social Media Strategy as a team. And address every aspect of the opportunities and challenges that Social Media brings on.

Lately, I saw some indications of Hotels that outsourced Social Media. Now it is ok to outsource part of your Social Media Strategy and get help to build your Social Media Foundation. But don’t let someone else be your Hotels voice on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Should Hotels Utilize Social Media to Collaborate & Network with Guests? or should Hotels stick to provide business as usual?


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