Social Media Content Marketing the Backdoor to Customer Loyalty

Content marketing is the process of attracting and retaining customers by consistently creating and promoting content to change or enhance customer behavior.

This information can be presented in a variety of formats; how-to guides, white papers, infographics, articles, videos, case studies, question and answers, interviews, photos, slides, webinars, chats and more.

Social Media Customers a new landscape is evolving

According to eMarketer quality content marketing was the most effective SEO tactic. Content creation was also cited as the most difficult tactic to execute.

Quality Content Creation

For many Hotels, limited budgets and skills are one hurdle for success with quality content creation.

A study done by Content Marketing Institute showed that 44% of B2B Marketers have a documented content strategy.

Looking at the details behind this data a whopping 84% of marketers who says they are ineffective at content marketing has no identified content strategy. And with marketers that have an identified content strategy, 66% consider themselves effective.

The data shows us that today’s customer has found new ways to interact with Hotels through Social Media. A pitch from a Sales rep is no longer the first contact customers has with Hotels.

Customers today spend a lot more time researching information. And at the point where the customer gets in touch with the Hotels Sales Team 66-90% of the buyer journey is already done.

Another key for Hotels is that in the absence of a value, potential customers will default to the lowest price as a differentiation. If your Hotel has come to a place where it can only compete on price then it has become a no-win situation. There will ways be someone willing to undercut your price.

Attracting the Social Media Customer

Hotels that want to attract Social Media Customers have to focus on high-quality educational content marketing. This helps you become a trusted source for the customer.

think With Google analyzed the Customer Journey to Online Purchase. They looked at five different marketing channels; email, direct, paid search, social and referral. And their primary focus was on four stages of the Online Purchase; Awareness, Consideration, Intent, and Decision.

The research shows that Travelers heavily rely on Social Media and email through three stages; Awareness, Consideration, and Intent.

Content Marketing is very cost-efficient for Hotels. The key is provided exceptional value for your Customers.

How do Hotels provide value through Content Marketing?

Value Innovation is the core principle of Content Marketing for Hotels.

As a Social Media Coach, I focus on developing a dynamic Content Marketing Playbook for Hotels. This Playbook contains 4 key components:

1. Plan

Build a key strategy understanding your Hotel Brand, your customers and the places they get information about your Hotel.

2. Execute

Building and Implementing a plan is good, but you need to execute quality content and all dedicated channels for your Hotel.

3. Promote

Hotels need to learn how to take advantage of their Social Media Tribes, and Social Advertisement. And from there leverage on owned, paid and earned media.

4. Monitor and Measure

Reputation Management is a absolute must today. Hotels need to learn how to monitor and measure all aspects of the Customer Experience.

The Current State of Content Marketing

A Guide to Marketing Genius:  Content Marketing 

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Content Marketing Institute

think With Google

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