Social Mindset

Hotel Reward Program has been the bread and butter for many Hotels over the years. Social Media has brought on new market segments with a new mindset.

Many booking decisions today is made on the go, and in last minute via a Smart Phone. And these customers share their patterns with a large network of loyal followers.

Start listen to new market segments to identify their needs and wants.

Choose Your Attitude

This a very simple and important point when you work with Social Media.

You have to be transparent.


I incorporate three important elements into Awareness;

  • Networking
  • Listen
  • Ask

Social Media is a great channel to identify the needs and wants of your customers.

Be Authentic

Even though Social Media is fun, fast and live when it comes to the end of the day you are still running a Hotel Business.

So the old rules still counts – Leave a lasting impression, and they will come back. Now remember a return guest is not necessary the same as a Loyal Guest. A Loyal Guest has a mindset that commit him or herself to repeatedly use your Hotel services.

Connect with your guests, and use creative ways to share their info and stories.

My friends at Starwood Preferred Guest is a great example on how this can be done.

Remember always Serve Your Guests first. If you want to spark life back into your Hotel Rewards Program in 5 minutes focus on what matters to your guests.

And if you implement these simple principles you will experience more and better engagement with your guests. They will see that they are interacting with a real person that care about their needs and wants.

The outcome is a Happy Customer.

*NOTE* A Happy Customer also require a Happy Employee, but that I will discuss in another article.

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