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One distinct characteristic of the sharing and disruptive economy we experience today is that guests more than any time in history want to interact with Hotels before, during and after their stays.

Social Media has created a unique shift. We’re experiencing a part of Hospitality History. A new service culture is defined. Today’s mobile traveler is carrying an average of 3 devices and is consuming an average of 2GB/month in mobile data! These devices make them stay connected 100% of their waking hours.

Hotel guests expect a fluid connection anywhere and everywhere across the hotel. Constant connectivity is transforming how we connect with guests and how we keep them connected, providing access to more reference points than ever before.

How can Hotels take advantage of this new unique shift today?

In 2016 there are expected to be over 10 billion mobile devices in circulation, the mobile application industry will grow tremendously to match demand and keep up with ever-evolving technology.

Mobile Hotel booking has already surpassed traditional online booking. In 2016, the number of mobile users expected to make travel arrangements will reach over 36.7 million.

Hotels that put in place strategies that meet new demands and shifts are more likely to experience a higher booking conversion from mobile devices.

The solutions today are more simplistic and effective than many Hotels are aware of. And when you combine this solution with a new Social Media Foundation it will have a major impact on your Hotels Occupancy and Revenue.

Mobile App the Hotel Solution that meets new demands and shifts

Today when creating a new foundation for Hotels that answer to new demands and shifts we have to look at all of the components that impact new guest behaviors.

New Media and Social Media are complementary to each other today. We have to look at both components to bring out the best value of each component individually.

A Hotel Mobile App is the number one tool guests are looking at when they want to interact with Hotels. Research has shown that the driving force is that people believe it will help them manage and connect all digital elements in their lives.

One thing that stands out is that people don’t want the same generic experience as the next person, they require a more personalized experience.

Another key element to a successful Hotel mobile app is that it provides great functionality so people don’t have to use multiple apps to achieve their overall goal. Are you able to meet guest’s expectations for seamless cross-channel experiences?

Satisfying guests’ personal preferences through their preferred communications channel allow Hotels to hear more from their guests and provide more opportunities to:

  • Increase guest satisfaction – All guests have some kind of request that they would like to make during their stay, but often do not come forward to the hotel. Opening up more discrete channels of communications gives guests the option of making more requests while giving the hotel the unique opportunity to satisfy their requests and build satisfaction.
  • Improve guest recovery. Reduce comps, improve loyalty and protect your reputation by engaging guests over their channel of choice and resolving their concerns before they reach Social Media.
  • Protect your reputation – Hotels can anticipate potential problems and provide solutions before they escalate to being published in an online review.
  • Grow revenue. Upsell unsold inventory and merchandise to guests throughout their journey. Drive-in more traffic to your hotel, restaurants, spas and retail outlets by actively engaging more guests via mobile marketing and loyalty reward programs. Improve repair by increasing guest exposure of hotel offerings and promotions such as food and beverage, spa and retail outlets through in-app messaging and push notifications.
  • Incent guests to spend more on property. Guests spend up to 90% of their stay off property. This creates a need for timely and optimal communications to capture and retain guests’ mindshare. Entice guests with geo-targeted push notifications and mobile offers that trigger guests to stay on your property.
  • Increase Bookings & Lower Booking Costs – Reduce the effects of online travel agencies with post-stay rebooking. After a guest checks out, simply digitally prompt guests to book their next stay through the app.
  • Improve TripAdvisor reviews. Digitally prompt loyal guests via their mobile device to leave positive reviews.

With a mobile app there a three primary elements that Hotels should have built in:

  • Exclusivity – this helps your Hotel stand out, and also is important for capitalizing on the word-of-mouth process.
  • Optimization – this is often one element that is overseen by many Hotel. Just like you optimize your Hotels website for Search you need to optimize your mobile app. Hazzle free and seamless integration into iTunes and Google Play is key.
  • Call To Action – Word-of-mouth is a great way to encourage guests to download your mobile app.

Research shows that in 2013 Google’s Android passed 50 billion apps and over 1 million apps available on Google Play. In 2014, Apple reached 75 billion apps and featured 1.2 million apps in the iTunes store. By 2017, it is expected to be over 268 billion downloads and $77 billion in revenue will be made.

The improvement areas lay in improved guest experience by utilizing interest, history, preferences and precise location that allows Hotels to proactively anticipate content and personalization.

Leveraging the power of mobile apps means hoteliers can take advantage of a plethora of compelling hotel-related features that deliver incremental value to the guest experience before, during and after their stay.

Easy-to-Use Content Management System – The Zuzapp™ {#partner} cloud-based platform is easy to use like Facebook. It includes powerful analytics & KPIs, giving actionable insights on guests’ activity helping you to personalize their stay, improve loyalty, and achieve your sales & marketing goals.

Value proposition of Mobile Apps for Hotel

Through the mobile app capabilities and tools lies the innovation and Hotel marketers can move their brands into bigger, broader market positions that provide exponentially greater value propositions to their guests.

By focusing not on the Hotel brand, but the bigger picture of the goals, needs, desires, problems, and passions of their guests, Hotel marketers can wield mobile to increase their brand value through new benefits, solutions, tools, and utilities.

Zuzapp™ Mobile Guest Engagement & Messaging Solution provides a cost-efficient and effective solution that meet these requirements. For only $35 /month (no setup fees, no hidden fees, no surprises), Zuzapp gives brands the power to instantly connect 1:1 with their mobile users, grow their business, and foster meaningful and loyal relationships with their customers. It’s App Easy™.

What stops your Hotels from investing in Mobile App marketing?


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