The Benefits of Offering a Hotel Gym

With the hotel industry gradually adapting to the cultural changes, they are also getting ready to remain up to date about the expectations of the guests from their stays. The older generations enjoy certain amenities such as a pool for swimming or free breakfast when they are away from their homes. However, millennials have other sets of priorities. Younger people are looking to travel without having to break their fitness regimes. Therefore, they take into account prospective hotels by considering features such as a hotel gym. Here are some benefits of having a hotel gym.

1. More emphasis on the hotel value

It doesn’t matter whether a guest is a retiree or an adult, everybody is looking to get a room that will provide a good value. It means they are willing to pay for the accommodation that will give them something more apart from just a place to sleep. The hotel gyms show the prospective guests that a hotel is looking for ways to improve its facility. The level of thoughtfulness and care provided by the hotel will always be appreciated by the guests. It shows them that they are being valued because they choose to book a room with the hotel.

2. A greater opportunity for self-improvement

A good hotel gym is a place that can be used for working on self-improvement. These guests might be looking to gain muscle, lose weight, or enjoy the self-confidence that comes to a person after working out. Hotels can concentrate on this self-improvement instinct by developing their health clubs. Having a hotel-brand fitness club will bring in more guests to the gym than having just a facility with a few kettlebells. It is a chance for the hotels to add to their offerings by having specialized fitness equipment or Wi-Fi-enabled machinery. You can consider offering the membership of the hotel gym to the general public.

3. Provides a much-needed break

Different guests stay at the hotels for a range of reasons. Sometimes they are just looking for a break from the reason they are traveling. They might wish to go out and stretch their legs. This is something that a hotel can offer. Having an outdoor fitness facility has become a major trend for bigger hotels in the last few years. In case a hotel opts to invest in high-quality wellness products, guests are going to enjoy their stay more. Outdoor exercise can immediately decrease stress and improve your mood. The guests will immediately get the benefits of breathing fresh air.

4. Something new for the guests

People that travel a lot, many times are expecting a routine experience from their hotels. Having a convenience bar or a new continental breakfast menu will not impress them much. So, these hotels need to provide something new to the guests. They can also partner with the local gyms for this. Having bi-weekly or daily fitness classes is a simple way of engaging with the guests in the form of a fun activity. Pilates, yoga, and dance workouts can be done in an open gym that may double up as a multipurpose activity room if the classes are not running.

5. A change in traveling workouts

Before the guests leave for a trip, they will many times perform research for finding out the workouts they can perform from their rooms. They may not have the time to visit the gym or have the luggage space that will allow them to bring their gear with them. A great hotel gym can change the traveling workouts by adding effective and quick routines via “High intensive tactical training”. The HITT uses little equipment and space and it packs a punch in terms of raising the heart rate of the guests.


Hotels are always on the lookout for new and next ways of rounding out guest experience to get ahead of their requirements. Developing or updating a hotel gym is a terrific way of doing this. You need to invest in getting outdoor equipment or partner with local gyms and try to refresh the appearance of your fitness center to draw in more guests and pave the way for a happier experience for the guests. Guests will appreciate the fact that their payment for the room is being used to improve their overall experience.

Over to you

The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

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