Image: Courtesy of Life House Hotels

“We believe in the transformative nature of being in a new place; in a connected universe and connecting individuals; a trip can be more than a trip, a Hotel more than a Hotel” – Life House Hotels.

What can Hoteliers learn from The Mesmerizing Hotel Transformation and Connections that evolves and brings new life to stories at Life House?

Life House a Holistic solution to modern travel

Co-founded by former Sydell Group, Starwood and TPG executive, Rami Zeidan, and technology entrepreneur and CTO, Yury Yakubchyk.

With securing $70 million in funding Life House opened its first Hotel in Miami, Little Havana in December 2018.

Life House Little Havana

Image: Courtesy of Life House Hotels

Located in the heart of Little Havana, the house takes the form of high-born expeditionists tropical mansion, curated with collected textiles, furnishings, and art from the places and perspectives that have shaped and continue to shape his life. From the lobby cafe to the rooftop bar & restaurant, everything in the Hotel is designed through this protagonist’s lens.

Life House is set to open its Miami South Beach location this spring. This location represents an eclectic yet curated beach cottage; an artist’s retreat. The land-marked 1930’s Tudor cottage designed by Henry Hohauser was an eclectic departure from the Miami Beach art deco norm.

The Hotel’s rebirth draws from that eclecticism, which embodies an art movement dedicated not to a specific ideology, but to embracing whatever calls out to one’s soul. Located in the South of Fifth neighborhood, steps from the ocean and far enough away from the noise of South Beach tourists, the house narrative evolved organically from its natural environment. From the lobby cafe to the bar & and backyard kitchen, the property embodies the home of an artist, writer, a painter living by the seashore.

Visit Life House South Beach and learn more about “A party to remember”.

Connecting and transforming the Customer Experience

Life House Hotels focus on building a unique community of travelers that share something in common.

They use just the right amount of technology to enhance the guest experience. What if you could connect with other guests you will be staying with, before your trip?

In my travels and particularly when I attend events I get to meet and chat with travelers, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and Hoteliers.

And the idea of connecting with other guests while they spend their time at Hotels has come up on several occasions.

They are looking for new ways to exchange ideas, learn and gather new inspirations. And in many cases, it can lead to a valuable and fruitful business relationship.

Life House approach is to provide a space where travelers can connect pre-stay and post-stay. And their properties will be locally rooted destinations for travelers and locals with rich social culture and community flavor. It will provide the benefits of an affordable boutique hotel to its guests.

The importance of connecting and building a community is to appeal to emotions where Humans feel they belong to something bigger than themselves.

Life House represents not only the Customer Experience it also represents the Community Experience.

The concepts focus on provide Hotel solutions with Airbnb pricing. We already know by 2020 customer experience will become the most important trigger for bookings.

And with implementing new innovative technology and effective operational concepts Life House focuses on bringing the affordable solution to an expensive Hotel market.

Cost-effective solutions that will make Hotels more attractive

Life focuses on some operational principles that are very cost-effective. First, they created an operating system for lodging where owners simply hold onto the lease, while the startup signs a management agreement. Allowing for effective and easy day-to-day transactions.

Second, they built a proprietary software and technology infrastructure from the ground up. Their platform offers an experience, similar to what modern traveler have become accustomed when they use Online Travel Agencies.

In addition to a booking process, technology features such as user verification, customer reviews and the ability to message other travelers establish trust, lead to more bookings and drive ultimate loyalty.

Life House Community

Thirdly Life House is dedicated to building a community of travelers from all walks of life.

Life House is a new category all its Hotels built for people. Each property is intentionally designed with spaces and experiences optimized for one thing: human connection.

By building communities that connect with a bigger purpose than themselves Life House establish a unique force of brand ambassadors.

The brand ambassadors will become their advocates that share the message with the world.

It then becomes the community that drives the experience and creates the perceptions that you and I will reap from.

See Life House real rewards will then directly arrive from their community. They will help cut cost through word-of-mouth, networking, sharing and invite their friends into the community.

And eventually, the community will not only bring their friends into the community but also large groups and their corporate clients.

Life House now serves as multi-purpose Hotel that drives win-win scenarios for everyone involved.

Life House hotels offer a mix of room types, including standard queen and king rooms, and spacious suites. For group travelers, Life house offers re-engineered, adult approved bunk-beds with full-size mattresses, places to the plugin, and privacy curtains.

Life House Mindset

Image: Courtesy of Life House Hotels

A redefined culture

With all these cost-saving measurements Life House can redirect their resources back to the customers by providing a new value-cost frontier of affordable solutions for modern travelers.

By eliminating price as the most common factor Life House can transform and connect travelers.

The traveler and their new community will together build and share a unique experience.

Life House aims to raise the industry bar and reset traveler expectations around what a Hotel experience should be: experience-driven, inexpensive, for everyone. In addition to a global network of lifestyle Hotels, Life House will create an inspired community of travelers connected to the Life House ethos and each other.

The company plans to open in Brooklyn and Denver, with plans to expand from coast to coast.

I look forward to following their journey and learn how Life House will add new exciting and mesmerizing values to the customer experience.

Are you ready to book a Life House Community Experience? … (YES I am)

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