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The Most Important Room in a Hotel

Get ready for a surprise. It isn’t composed of walls, floor, and ceiling. It is a motto in which we should all live by; “ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT”.

Unfortunately, this is sometimes forgotten by the wayside, sadly by some of the more “established” hotels and restaurants. The most obvious culprit to blame is the Laurels many businesses choose to rest upon.

The biggest challenge of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comment, is realizing and admitting that something is not necessarily “broken”, but in need of improvement. Nothing and no one can ever proclaim themselves as perfect, hence our obligation to forever strive to improve.

Embrace Change

Herein lies the case in point; a long-established hotel in existence for 30 years or more, rest on its laurels and honestly believes that all is “just fine” in all aspects of its service and operations. Therein lies the undeniable fact that change is always occurring. That is the effect of time. Nothing ever stays the same. Business, especially Hospitality and FoodService which revolves around people and their social aspects, is in constant motion.

Markets change, concepts change, technology changes, and of course society changes in its outlook. Tell your grandfather 30 years ago that a vast percentage of travelers will someday book their hotel occupancy online, and he would have shaken his head in disbelief.

Nobody would have believed if you would have told them that in August 2013, New York City’s largest 2000 room hotel would abolish Room Service. Like it or not, times are changing….for better or for worse. We either adapt, improve or vanish…however slowly or painfully.

Hotel Champions

Hospitality is much like a champion athlete. To keep the winning edge, one must always be “in training.” I would compare Hospitality and FoodService to a sport like Hockey. Both require physical skill, teamwork, teamwork, facilities, and rely on equipment with regular training and practice to win. Both have their fans and critics as well. We must always question if our hotel or restaurant is as good as we think it is. To state it better; Do our guests think we are good as we think we are? Our focus should not be on what makes us think we are great, but what we are still lacking thereof.

A hotel or restaurant that rests on its laurels and refuses to undergo constant self-review and ongoing honest improvement of its service and quality is surely inviting failure. Watching some Hoteliers/Restaurateurs blatantly hate and resist reality and change is sadly like watching an ailing patient refuse treatment. We must never cease to focus on the guest’s aspect of our business rather than our internal ratings on how we create a guest’s stay or meal more memorable. Is your entire team on the same page when it comes to taking care of the guests via care and emotional connection with your establishment? We must forever strive to exceed rather than merely meet our guest’s expectations.

Skill Set

It takes ongoing skill training to improve and maintain the connection, nurturing and be personable when serving our guests. Change or let the competition overtake you. A guest’s reduced nurturing effects revenue and profits. A happier guest often spends more. It is as simple as that. Let us focus more on the Customer Experience, rather than on pure mechanical delivery of services. There are multiple ways to deliver ice to a hotel room or replenish napkins at a restaurant table. Only specific carefully executed ones can ensure an increased level of total customer experience and satisfaction.

Living in the past often results in missing the future. Progress requires change.

When was the last time you checked into The Most Important Room in a Hotel?


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