The Simplest Way to Make the Best of Hospitality Management Courses

The basics of a Hospitality Management Course provides you with a foundation of skills needed to manage a property’s many moving parts, including team management, financial reporting, and marketing. And the hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry.

Sharpen your Hospitality Management Skills

I have taken several of my own Hospitality Management course with my friends at eCornell. The basis for this article came from an ad I saw on Facebook where eCornell was promoting their Hospitality Management Courses. I was reading several of the responses I saw to this ad. Here are some of the responses I noted:

“Would never recommend this field. Hate to say u do need a degree if u want to move up not that I think all of it is necessary but will say learned some good things…The schools portray that this field will never go away…u get paid crap with a degree!!!! And by no means is this school cheap!!! Went to Widener University myself…so regret doing it!!!!”

“I hate to say it but I agree with xxx, worked my heart out in this industry for 10 years to see that I was working 3 times harder than any of my friends and making fractions of the amount they were”

“Agree with xxx xxx. A degree in Hospitality Management is a complete waste… from any college/university. The institution(s) will tell you one thing about big payoffs with their degree programs but first-hand real-world experience within the field you quickly learn that you will not be “rewarded” for having a Hospitality degree. Do yourself a favor and get a true business degree and you will move up the ladder much quicker.”
“WASTE OF TIME. Been out of school since 2009 and had to go back. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.”

“Awful field…, clients treat you badly, it’s hard to make a lot of money, and staff usually doesn’t want to work as hard as you need them to. Do something else!!”

“I’ve done hospitality for 30 yrs. without a degree and am paid well. I only went to get a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources which u do need. I’m finishing up to work in Human Resources in the hospitality industry. Depends on what field u enter into in the industry. .”

“I worked in the industry of 25 yrs. no regrets did an AA in hotel management and within 2yrs was in management. It’s a matter of working hard and knowing where you want to go”

“The hours are long, hard, and typically anti-social and the pay is abysmal. A fraction makes it to the top and earns real money, I did it for 7 years but whilst I’ve been out of the game for 10 years and am much better off financially / socially, I have to say my days in the hotel trade were the absolute best of my life – living it there and then was hard but it was a truly awesome experience! Go in with your eyes open, do it while you’re young, learn what you can (which will be more about people than you’ll get ANYWHERE else) and enjoy it!”

“I am curious what kind of hospitality degrees you guys have I’m honestly asking because I am working on a hospitality degree. I will end up with a bachelor’s of science in Business administration and marketing with a hospitality management track.”

From a hospitality perspective, it is important that we reflect and analyzes all types of responses. Often when I see concerns I want to look more behind this, and it also provides us with great opportunities to improve all aspect of a trade we love and care about.

I worked in various positions within the Hotel Industry. And I had both negative and positive experiences that I learned a great deal from. I also did my share of mistakes. Plus I also took actions that opened new doors and opportunities.

Rewards in the Hospitality Industry comes in the form of allowance and other benefits than salary.

Today working as an Independent Contractor I still see it as important to sharpen my Hospitality Management Skills.

The Hospitality Industry offers a lot of opportunities for individuals that are looking to serve and be part of delivering unique Customer Experiences.

You need to have the spirit, soul, and a servant’s heart if not then Hospitality might not be your ideal trade.

I encourage every to be curious and open-minded. And hustle for the next opportunity that will knock on your door. If you are looking to flourish in the Hospitality Industry take time and stop by a Hotel to see if they have some Internship available. Take the time to learn if this is the trade you will dedicate your life too. Just like Hospitality Industry needs to get feedback the same goes for you.

And also, allow yourself to think outside the box when you look into Hospitality Management Courses. The skills here are transferable in several settings. I have taken advantage of my Hospitality Skills from the outside, and now I have an opportunity to work with Hotels in new unique ways. Of course, there are still challenges you will face. This will be the case with any trade.

With new technology and new media, the Hospitality Industry is facing new challenges that will need a new set of quality employees. Some of the primary challenges for the Hospitality Industry has been the cost it takes to convert consumers into customers. In some cases, the cost of this conversion has been three times more than the revenue the customers bring into the industry.

To compensate for this cost, many Hotels provide alternative rewards like allowance, for employees. This is a challenge that we most definitely are aware of. New technology and new media are now opening new doors for the Hospitality Industry that provides us with golden opportunities to cut down costs in the conversion process.

The conversion is still extremely important, but we see innovation and creative options that allow us to engage and reach consumers in a way, that never been available before. Services like Airbnb and misterbnb tells me there is new uncovered needs to educate consumers on next-generation Hospitality.

The choices and opportunities are there the questions is will you embrace them?

Hustle for it

No matter what education, courses or trade you chose you still will have to hustle to flourish. Mentors that helped me so far got to their positions because they took the time to hustle to fulfill their dreams.

Ask your managers or supervisors if you can shadow them for a day to get a better understanding of their duties. If you know what your dream job is, ask someone that been in that job what it took them to get there.

You will start flourishing within your trade when you think outside the box and hustle for the opportunities. Successful entrepreneurs don’t count the hours they had to work to achieve their dreams. Rewards come as results of a sum of many action steps. eCornell Hospitality Management course is one of many steps that will help you on your way to reach your dream.

Adversity will you experience in any trade of your choosing. Use this adversity as a motivator to hustle, not as a deal-breaker.


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