Is there room in today’s competitive market for Hotels to be unconventional?

Micheal Levie and citizenM think so. A collection of innovative concepts, citizenM a hotel that is driven by one desire: to create affordable luxury for the people.

By “the people,” they mean a smart new breed of international traveler, the type who crosses continents the way others cross streets.

citizenM has built Hotels on Blue Ocean Strategies.

Blue Ocean = Value Innovation (a new market within a mature industry).

  • Create uncontested market space
  • Make competition irrelevant
  • Create and capture new demand
  • Break the value/cost trade-off

The principles of Blue Ocean strategies capture the current state of play in the knowledge market space. With New Media and Social Media customers has information at the tip of their fingers in a matter of seconds. Hotels should like citizenM focus on new principles that take advantage of how a dynamic market enquire about their information.

Reconstruct Market Boundaries

The first principle of the Blue Ocean Strategy suggests that you look beyond your current market for new growth opportunities. In other words, if you are in the Hotel Industry don’t continue to compete in this limited arena for increased market share. Look at other industries or products and services that are just emerging, or that don’t even exist yet.

From a customer experience perspective, I look at value innovation and a growth mindset where new technology, tools, strategies, and techniques are designed to achieve product differentiation and low cost.

Focus on the Big Picture

One of the key principles of implementing Blue Ocean Strategies with digital marketing is to abandon traditional strategic planning principles. Focus on a strategic canvas where the big picture of a goal is crafted in more broad strokes. And avoid focus solely on the numbers.

When implementing your social media plan, you should be more concerned with creating great content that builds strategic relationships, not worrying about how many followers or likes you have.

Reach Beyond Existing Demand

Challenge two conventional principles; focusing on existing customers and trying to segment your customer into ever more granular demographics.

The Social Media ecosystem grows at a very high rate. Although you may have built a sizable audience on one platform, don’t be afraid to experiment with building an entirely different community on another platform, or using the platform you’re comfortable with to build a completely different audience. Although the business focus is still a good thing, it takes relatively little effort these days to explore new networks and connections in search of a new customer base.

Get your Strategic Sequence in order

One of the biggest challenges for many Hotels has been the ability to identify positive ROI from Social Media. It is important to measure relevant metrics to make sure you are heading in the right direction. But metrics are just one part of the picture your Hotel needs to know how to act appropriately with the data during all stages of the customer experience.

To achieve increased direct bookings as a result of your Hotels Social Media Campaigns your need systems in place that allow you to act on how new complex markets make their decisions.

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