Tips to Pack Lighter and More Efficiently for Your Family Hotel Vacation

Do you get overwhelmed when you are getting ready for your next Hotel Vacation?

Vacation is a time to leave your worries behind, relax, and enjoy the company of your family. But sometimes the agony of preparation and the anxiety of getting to your destination almost makes it seem not worth it. Combat this problem by packing versatile vacation gear that lightens the load and lessens your stress during travel.
Get tips from professional travelers that visit Hotels regularly all around the world.

Neutral Colors

Select neutral shades when choosing your family’s outfits. It’s easier to wear items more than once when you can mix and match whites, blacks, browns, and blues. Make each item you choose to work with at least two outfits.
Also, consider fabrics. Merino wool is a great all-weather fabric for men’s tees, while knits and cotton are more versatile and wrinkle-resistant than most other materials. Thermal T-shirts and long underwear make a good base for cooler weather and can be worn multiple days.

Wearable Blankets

Taking the baby out for an afternoon requires a bag full of supplies, so even thinking about preparing for a week-long trip can make you sweat. Considering getting the baby wearable blankets Designed to go over the baby’s pajamas, the wearable blanket keeps baby cozy and comfortable at bedtime.

SwaddleDesigns zzZipMe Sacks are made of high-quality, soft materials and are also lightweight. They come in four TOG ratings that allow parents to select the best blanket for their destination. SwaddleDesigns wearable blankets also feature a two-way zipper that provides easy access for diaper changes.


Shoes take up the most space in a suitcase, so it’s important to pare down the number of shoes each family member brings. A good rule of thumb is to bring one dressier pair and one casual pair for trekking and tooling around town. MARATOWN classic shoes are ideal for this purpose because they are fashionable, comfortable, and versatile enough to wear to the beach, hike through the rainforest, or tour a city. They are specially made for a busy and trendy professional business traveler.


Take advantage of the space inside the shoes you pack and stow small items like socks and cell phone chargers in them.


Before everyone begins selecting items to bring on the trip, give each kid and adult their own carry-on backpack. Allow them to choose a few items that they feel they can’t live without, and then add accessories that should be left behind. This gives them the freedom to choose what’s important, and your little girl won’t freak when you tell her she has to leave her stuffed Dora behind.

Mom, pack your accessories, like scarves, in the nooks and crannies of your already packed suitcase, and choose one versatile crossbody handbag as your travel tote. This way, you can keep it safe, close to your body, and organized.


Don’t clutter your luggage with shampoos and lotions that most hotels provide each day. Bring travel-sized versions of products you can’t live without, and consider buying bulkier items when you get to your destination so they don’t weigh you down during transport.

When traveling with the family, it’s easy to let the strain of packing get the best of you. Don’t worry. As long as you have your travel documents, money, baby essentials, and necessary medications, everything else can be replaced when you settle into your destination.



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