How To Remedy Homesickness When You Travel Abroad

How To Remedy Homesickness When You Travel Abroad

When you travel abroad, you experience a place that is vastly unfamiliar from home. This new place could take you out of your comfort zone, and homesickness may settle in. Don’t let your yearning for the comforts of home take over and spoil your travel experience.

The following tips are the best ways you can remedy your homesickness and enjoy all the fantastic features your exotic location offers.

Send Local Gifts Back Home

Become familiar with your surrounding neighborhood and visit the local markets in search of trinkets and gifts you can send back home. You can talk with vendors and ask about the specialties of the region. Find things that tell a story about the culture.

For example, maple syrup is a natural resource commonly found in New England, certain spices are popular in various regions in Asia, spectacular rose wine is found in the Alsace area of France, and pottery in a particular style is made in Poland.

Transform Your Hotel Room

Revamp your accommodations with items that provide comfort and relaxation. Bring along a woven throw blanket that you can use for bed decoration and that will provide extra warmth. Integrate plant life into your room with a bouquet of flowers that will bring beautiful colors and lovely fragrance into the room.

Flowers can easily be delivered right to your door. You can also find local artisan goods and decorations that will help you personalize your room and lend it a more homey feeling.

When you travel abroad research local hotels that offer unique amenities that will transform your experience.

Embrace the Local Food & Culture

An inquisitive and adventurous attitude will keep your mind from wandering thoughts of home. Indulge in the local food where you visit, as there is no experience like a meal of authentic food rich in flavor and culture. If there are items on a menu that you have never tried before, ask your server if they are a delicacy or specialty of the region.

For example, don’t shy away from the most elaborately named gelato flavor, Stracciatella, as it is one of the classic, Italian flavors that will surprise and delight your taste buds.

Less Technology Connection

Your travel abroad should allow you a fully immersive experience into another culture, atmosphere and lifestyle. Don’t stay too tied up in what occurs back home through social media or long Skype sessions with friends. Keep your interaction with friends at home at a minimum.

Check in with your family occasionally, so they know you’re safe. Your new best friend could be reading a mutually favorite book alone at the cafe around the corner, and it would be a shame if you missed the opportunity to meet!

Transition from a Tourist to an Expat

Tourist books and websites will help you find your way when you first arrive at your new travel destination. However, it doesn’t feel good when you feel lost and like you rely on your guides for activity ideas. Ditch the travel guides and other tourist habits you may have and take a day to roam the streets as if you’re a resident.

Take note of what the locals do and follow suit. For example, read the newspaper with a glass of wine for an unhurried and relaxed afternoon.

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