Traveling Toward Your Dream Career

Whether your job requires traveling or you just like to wander the world, there are pros and cons to a nomadic career path. When deciding if this lifestyle is for you, you should take the time to understand the possible risks you will be taking, along with the benefits you will gain.

The key to business travel is being prepared for any situation and knowing how you can make almost any experience positive and beneficial for your traveling career.

Travel or Hotel careers is a journey towards learning more about yourself and people that will pass your path.

Cultural Appreciation

One of the biggest benefits of travel, in general, is gaining a sense of cultural appreciation. You can learn a lot about different cultures when you stay local by going to events, trying new cuisines and reading about traditions, but none of this compares to being engulfed in a culture. It is much easier to understand the reasons behind cultural practices when you are a part of the environment and surrounded by the lifestyle. Plus, it is an educational experience that teaches you more than any book.

As an example, business is done differently in Latin American than in the United States. People have a much smaller sense of personal space, and may even greet business partners with a kiss. This seems inappropriate in the United States, but visiting the area and seeing the friendliness of the culture can help you appreciate the culture’s traditions. Keeping experiences such as this in mind when meeting new colleagues can greatly increase your understanding of other people and improve your working relationships.

Understanding Globalization

Globalization is the most recent tendency of companies spreading throughout the world. It can be difficult to fully grasp this concept without seeing it in action. If you work for a multinational corporation, traveling to other locations can be a fantastic experience. Seeing McDonald’s and other companies from the United States throughout the world is a strange sight, but it shows how small the world is today.

People, cultures, languages, businesses and more are crossing borders and combining. We grow accustomed to what we see every day, and travel opens our eyes to what is happening around us. Being informed of globalization and how it has impacted our world can help you do better at work, realizing that you are serving a much wider audience than you may think.

Acknowledging Risks

Traveling can be risky, so it is important to protect yourself however you can. One big risk you take when traveling is opening yourself to identity theft. It can be more prevalent in other countries, and if you tell your bank that you are traveling, unusual transactions are less likely to be marked as suspicious activity.

There are companies such as LifeLock that offer services you can purchase to give yourself extra protection. They offer identity protection in addition to cybersecurity, financial protection and more. It also can be helpful to research common criminal activity in the area you are traveling to and prepare yourself in any way you can.

Travel provides great opportunities to learn about other cultures and grow in a way that can help your career. Even if travel for pleasure, gaining valuable global knowledge can assist you in the workplace. You should be aware of the risks that come with exploring new places and take the proper precautions to protect yourself. With the right preparation, travel can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career and life in general.

Embrace the Hotel Storyboard

Professional travelers are both savvy and creative during their journey. They have done their research ahead of time, and find creative ways to include them in stories like Loews Hotels #TravelForReal.

You want to become a professional Travel or Hotel Blogger

Either you seek Travel or Hotel Blogging as your dream career you have to learn the trade. It is no overnight success stories here. And it takes a lot of hard work. It has to be something that sits deep down in your heart, you love it and it is your true passion. I have myself like most of the recognized Travel Blogger been mentored by others in the Industry.

Mentoring is one important component, I also educated myself taking various Hotel certification programs and Social Media Management training programs. Also, I worked for Hotels, get several Hotel Magazines sent to me by mail, and I subscribe to a lot of Hotel online magazines. And I participate in Hotel forums and groups on several Social Networks.

It’s hard work but in the end, of the day, it’s what I love doing. If you want to learn more reach out to me through my Social Network channels.

Here is a mantra I live and breath by every day.

heart and love


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