Does your Hotel use 360-degree video in its marketing? If not, now may be the time to embrace this fascinating technology.

Hotels that embrace 360-degree video will appeal to important customer emotions in relations with their intent.

Research has shown that video ads using 360-degree technology drive 7% higher purchase intent and a 12% increase in a belief that the brand has a story to tell. And the same consumers expressed intent to interact with the brand videos in the future.

Since the technology still is young the key is to implement 360-degree videos in context with relevant stories and high-value Hotel offers.

Using 360 Video in Hotel Marketing [Infographic]

It isn’t all that long ago since the concept of the 360-degree video appeared so exclusive that only the world’s most luxurious hotels would have been able to afford it. Now, it is in that perfect place of going mainstream yet still retaining its freshness and innovative appeal. It will reach a saturation point eventually, but that is a long way off yet.

If you’re not quite sure what is meant by 360 videos, it refers to spherical video that takes footage at every angle simultaneously to provide a truly immersive, authentic experience for consumers. It achieves this through the use of multiple cameras, each at different angles, or a single omnidirectional camera which records a full-circle panorama.

Hotels can utilize 360-degree video for a multitude of purposes, including:

  • Experience capture – the creation of a video so detailed and authentic that it feels as if the user is physically in the hotel
  • Showcase the region – 360 videos can show off not just the grounds of the hotel, but also the locality where it is based
  • Event broadcasting – if there is an event taking place at the hotel (e.g. major conference), 360 videos can be used to stream it live on the hotel’s website or social media channels
  • Obtain analytics data – 360 video captures detailed insights into guest behavior, enabling the hotel to amend future content and offerings accordingly

When the 360-degree video is utilized effectively, it can greatly enhance the company-customer relationship through the offering of immersive experiences that resonate deeply with customers and stand out from ordinary marketing campaigns. As mentioned already, it is still perceived as a very innovative technology, so its usage could give a business that all-important edge over its competitors.

Another key advantage of 360 videos is that it is 100% transparent, whereas regular video or photography can be easily doctored. Visitors to a hotel’s site with 360 videos know that what they see genuinely is what they would get if they were to stay there.

Check out a range of tips below on how to use 360-degree video in this infographic from The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens.

Using 360 videos in Hotel marketing(Infographic)


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