Ever wondered why you’re not getting enough sales? The most likely reason for your revenue lag is lack of marketing; obviously, there can be other reasons, but most commonly people forget to market their products and services. Some companies are better at marketing than others, but even the big companies overlook things! For instance, did you know Google sells web hosting? Sounds obvious when you think about it but it isn’t widely advertised.

All marketing costs something – it could be money or time, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have a new brand, marketing will cost more than an established brand, but on the plus side, you have a clean slate.

Start with the easy things

Utilize a captive audience and market to your current customers, as always the important thing is to start somewhere, any start is better than no start! Start with the easy things.

Probably the easiest thing to implement is promotional gifts, although it can be relatively expensive.

Simple things like putting leaflets or brochures in people’s rooms about forthcoming events can have a positive impact on sales – in fact, a 2014 study by the Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University confirmed that guests and Hotel staff still greatly value print media.

Current customers

Don’t overlook your current customers, as everybody knows it’s a lot cheaper to sell more to an existing customer than finding new ones. Maintain a database of customers and send them promotions and special offers. Don’t forget to get their permission and always make sure you have an unsubscribe method.

Consider implementing a loyalty scheme – these are normally particularly effective with businesses and event organizers, and in hospitality, next-gen loyalty programs are here. And, of course, don’t forget your cross-sells and up-sells.

Utilize local

Keep a lookout for events in the local area, keep in mind it doesn’t have to be in your immediate town or city, county or state can also be considered “local” at least to some degree.

Keep an eye on local publications, websites, and social media. When you notice an event coming up it is normally fairly easy to find out who is organizing it, sometimes it’s advertised other times you may have to ask. You can then contact the event organizers, make them aware of what you offer and maybe provide them with a special discount.

Finding and engaging local events requires diligence beyond simply providing information – it’s about creating a connection between guests, the events, and your Hotel.

Find local advertising boards

Corner shops and local post offices will sometimes have advertising boards, although it reaches only a limited audience it can be a cost-effective method of marketing.

In addition to the ad, it is a good idea to ask them to display some leaflets or brochures.

Some people do charge, other times it will be free or you can negotiate by offering something in return.


Posters can be a bit more expensive to implement but, with a powerful message that stands out in the right location, they can be extremely effective.

Make sure you keep the message clear, simple, focus on the USP and don’t make it overly complicated.

Be sure to make your posters big enough and clear enough. Use big bold text, keep in mind that bigger is normally better.

Take a walk around the Hotel and think about your customer, put yourself in their shoes (metaphorically speaking!).

Think about every object your client will use from start to finish of their stay, try to brand everything you can and ensure that every possible marketing opportunity is utilized.

From a Social Media Consultant’s standpoint, the Social Media Community can offer Hotels a one-stop-shop for managing their Social Media marketing such as the community infrastructure, database, listening functionality, profile management, collaboration, content marketing and management, and of course, the analytics.

A Social Media Community will help your Hotel to grow smarter and faster when you focus on the value proposition and collaborate in effective ways.

If your Hotel need help to put it all together then make sure to let us know.

With the right team behind your Social Media efforts, it can become cost-effective and generate a new revenue stream for your Hotel.


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