Video Marketing: How to Jumpstart Your Hotel Marketing via YouTube

There are a number of ways for hotels to market their business, but few hospitality professionals consider YouTube and video marketing. With so many people on this unique social media platform every month, YouTube strategies aren’t something hotel owners want to bypass. Here are five ways you can get YouTube views and attract more visitors to your website and your actual hotel.

1. Show the location

The location is a major consideration when people are deciding where to go on a trip and which hotel to book a room. While your brochure, savvy business website design or blog can talk about the location and even post photographs of the area, there’s nothing like a live-action video to give people a true sense of your hotel’s surroundings. Consider a time-lapse video of the beautiful scenery to show people what they can expect. People will love to share the video with their friends to show everyone where they’ll be going.

2. Offer a video tour

The more questions you can answer for the on-the-fence customer, the better your chance of booking them a room. When customers can see what the hotel’s rooms and common areas look like, they’ll feel more comfortable staying with you. By using 360-degree shots, customers will feel like you have nothing to hide. Since this is a technique that few hotels are using today, there’s a good chance that viewers will want to share the online experience with others.

3. Use the right keywords

Yes, you’ll probably have your video embedded on your website and featured on your YouTube channel, but what about potential customers who don’t know about your hotel yet? To get people to find you, you’ll need to use certain keywords in the tags, titles, and descriptions of your videos. Use the Google Keyword Planner to figure out which keywords will work best for your company and location. This will increase the number of viewers your video attracts.

4. Hash out the video descriptions

Your video descriptions should be detailed, and not just for the SEO. Sometimes, your YouTube video is the only thing your customers are going to see before deciding whether or not they want to stay at your hotel. Include information about room service, amenities and how to contact the hotel. Also, another way to make the videos more descriptive is to answer user questions. Chances are that if one person has a question about your hotel, a lot of other people are wondering the same thing. Providing an answer not only solves the problem but also shows that you’re attentive to your social media channels and your audience. Customers are more likely to share your video and other online information when they feel more engaged and respected.

5. Share the video with your entire audience

One of the important tips for a video marketing campaign is that your other social media channels can share your video, which will help spread the video around and reach all of your audiences instead of just one of them. Also, make sure to include links to your social media sites on your YouTube channel. People who love what they see will want to connect with you elsewhere.


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