What An Excellent Social Media Manager Do For Hotels

Earlier this year I surveyed Hotels focusing on the Social Media challenges they are facing. I got several great responses that help me put together more dedicated strategies for Hotels.

As I was reading through the responses I noted a trend that I got feedback both from friends and various business network I attend.

It became clear to me that several Hotels and businesses, in general, was unclear on what a Social Media Manager do. And obviously, when someone doesn’t know what I do it becomes hard to determine how I really can help either Hotels or businesses in general.

Many Hotels and businesses struggle knowing where to start. And when they leap to get on board many tend to jump on multiple Social Networks. Most of the Networks today have millions of members so it not unlikely you will find your customers in one or more of the networks.

This is not really how it all works. Jumping on various Social Channels and focus on driving likes, share, followers, connections, and comments have driven several Hotels and businesses frustrated. Without proper strategies, these indicators are just numbers that have no real impact on the Hotels or businesses key performance indicators.

My job is to help your Hotel or business to implement strategies that support your overall strategies and vision.

First and foremost it starts will help you build a solid foundation that best meets new customer demands and needs. And then building the pillars that make sure your Hotel or business can handle any storm and embrace the successes. Ultimately it is about building the roof that supports ongoing training of your team members and community.

When we look at Social Media it builds upon principles that are covered by Maslow’s hierarchy. We have to start with the fundamental needs like friendship and love, security, and physical needs. I will help you build a shelter where your Hotel and business integrity is taken care of.

I will implement these principles into blue ocean marketing strategies that focus on 8 key points:

  1. It’s grounded in data
  2. It pursues differentiation and low cost
  3. It creates uncontested market space
  4. It empowers you through tools and frameworks
  5. It provides a step-by-step process
  6. It maximizes opportunity while minimizing risk
  7. It builds execution into strategy
  8. It shows you how to create a win-win-win (value, people, profit) outcome

My primary role and key functions lay in tasks that belong in Reputation Management. Here is a basic diagram of how I monitor the content that has an impact in one way or another on Hotels and businesses.

In an interview, I once did with Daniel Edward Craig a hospitality industry expert on Reputation Management he said “I don’t think reputation management is simply a buzz word, but it is a bit misunderstood.

It’s a critical new function in the travel industry that grew out of the explosive popularity of social networking and the influence of traveler reviews on buying decisions. It’s about monitoring, analyzing and reacting to online reviews and opinions of your Hotel and participating in Social Media to shape perceptions of your brand.”

New Media has provided customers with an amplified voice, your Hotels job is to amplify your listening skills.

The customer performance today focus on wooing and captivate your customers with, delightful authentic experiences that foster a relationship of trust.

Customers today share their journey in real time through various media.

Customer Care represents the front end of the experience, where it all is about creating enough awareness for the Hotel so the customer has enough information to make an educated booking decision. Customer Retention represents the back end of the experience, where Hotels want to be sure the each stage build upon each other so the customer will;

  1. come back
  2. refer Hotel to friends
  3. brings friends to Hotel
  4. friends refer Hotel to their friends
  5. customer and their friends bring a block of friends to Hotel

Customer Service is that art that balances these stages. The Hotel Performance today is not static, it is very dynamic.

One important aspect is to ensure I help the Hotel build a foundation, pillars, and roof that will unlock the most valuable Social Media ROI.

In the last weeks, I have rebuilt some of my pages to better answer some of the questions you still might have. And when you sign up to my newsletter I have made the welcome page with my free material more accessible and easier to maneuver. Thanks to everyone that gave me valuable feedback during this journey.

Some of the new things that soon will come to help Hotels and businesses even better are some dedicated webinars, and a new Facebook group.

If you have any particular topic you want me to look more into or go more into depth on please share your comments here.


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