What Happens when Hotels Disconnect Social Media Awareness and ROI

The famous Wayne Gretzky quote “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” is a lot what Social Media Awareness is all about today. And combined with living in the present moment Hotels can achieve new goals with Social Media as one of their tools.

Social Media is no longer a reactive function that Hotels can take for granted. We are beyond basic Social Listening and Social Media Channel specific engagement performance indicators.

Today Social Media is integrated with many other Hotel marketing activities, budgets, team growth, training programs, and information flow.

To understand why Social Media should be a priority the Hotels organization must understand how it fits into the broader digital marketing mix.

Without a connection between Social Media Awareness and ROI, Hotels will not experience any increase in Occupancy and Revenue from their Social Media efforts.

Start with Social Media Awareness

Focusing on Likes, Followers and Connections will tell you where the puck is at the moment. This will keep you in Status Que looking back and continue to embrace what’s familiar.

I said it before Likes, Follower, and Connections are important components to achieve Social Media success. Just like rooms are important for a Hotel. But it will not matter how many rooms your Hotels has if there is no door or furniture in the room. If we don’t add functionality and values to Social Media it is just like a Hotel with no door or furniture.

Many Hotels wants to skip to the end of the Social Media ecosystem just keeping the eye on the ROI. And when they see no return they claim Social Media is a hype. There is a lot of information that is shared that is just hype. But this is not unique for Social Media. The uniqueness is the amplification of the information.

Hotels have to build foundations that allow to filter the information and make sense out of it.

Where do Hotels start with building Social Media Awareness?

Be Proactive

Start look at the alternatives. Exciting competition and new competition will continue to evolve. If your hotel is not going where the puck is going to be, your customers will.

Begin with the end in mind. What do you want to achieve? and why do want to achieve this?

Many have not even started to ask these questions before they conclude they don’t have the necessary resources or time.

And Social Media can’t show you the end if you don’t have an outline of how it looks like and how you plan to get there.

Building a Social Media Foundations starts with doing the right things first. When you know what you want to achieve then you will get an outline of what needs to be done first.
As a Social Media Manager, I start to build my foundation through my Social Profiles. When I know me what then I can start an outline which strategies and platforms will best meet my needs. And then all the why will help me implement all the how to’s.

In the front end, the primary focus is on Customer Value Optimization. You start with a Win-Win mindset that seeks the benefit of all interactions. This means that agreements or solutions are mutually beneficial and satisfying. In the Hotel and Motel sector, we deal with multiple options. And I focus on to keep all alternatives open. No Hotels should be left behind.

How to turn Awareness into ROI

Either you use Social Media or other marketing channels your primary objective is to serve your Hotels customer first. Nothing can replace the Customer Experience. Your Hotels opportunities lay adding as much value as possible during the Total Customer Experience.

Awareness is the ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns. All of these are things we can influence through proactive responses and actions.

Surveys have shown that demonstrating the value of Social programs is one of the key challenges. Measuring ROI is still the top challenge for many Hotels. Then comes connecting Social activities to outcomes. And also developing a Social Media Strategy.

Most of the top challenges we see if often connected to resources and time.

Social Media can become more cost-efficient than traditional marketing when done right. Steer away from anyone that tells you Social Media is free. I use a lot of free Social Media tools but my time is as valuable as anyone else.

ROI comes from owned, paid and earned content. And focusing on just one part here will not give you the ROI you anticipate.

On the Social Aspect, we have engagement, on the Media Aspect, we have a relationship. Building trust help closes the gap. And focusing on a building a community around these values. The community will also help you close the gap.

When you have that unique relationship with loyal fans that will help your Hotel with spreading awareness that’s when ROI kicks in.

If your Hotel (Mom & Pop, Boutique, Independent, Franchise, Chic, Chain, Inn, Lodge), Motel or B&B need help with your Social Media Management tasks let me know. I will not leave any Hotel behind. Let this be the year that learns how the community can work for you.

Change brings on challenges. Work with someone that knows both Hotels and Social Media.

Learn how to nurture your influencers and the Community.

If you need assistance then contact us and learn how a Hotel Social Media Consultant can help.


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