What is your greatest failure?

The greatest values come with change and what we learn from it. Start dive into why Growth Mindset is the new roadmap that leverage Hotel Performance and Customer Experience.

Failure is really OK!

We as human beings are often our own worst enemies. There are a lot of things we as humans can’t control, and one of them is a failure. I don’t know about you, but I fail daily.

A wise person told me once that if you don’t fail you are just not trying hard enough.

The key to failures is what we learn from them, and how we make changes that support growth.

With a growth mindset, we accept failures as part of the process and start to see opportunities in areas others take for granted. And it helps embrace a perspective that challenges long-held assumptions and recognize the artificial boundaries we unknowingly put upon ourselves.

Growth Mindset traits

The new roadmap for Hotels and Hoteliers that embrace a growth mindset will start a process that creates four important traits;

  1. They do not take the industry conditions as given. Rather, they set out to reshape them in their favor.
  2. They do not seek to beat the competition. Instead, they aim to make competition irrelevant.
  3. They focus on creating and capturing new demand, not fighting over existing customers.
  4. They pursue differentiation and low cost. They aim to break, not make, the value-cost trade-off.

Customer satisfaction and understanding customer needs are a priority for any Hotel. And most Hotels monitor guest satisfaction scores through surveys or focus groups.

Today many Hotels also take advantage of Reputation Management tools that lead to finer segmentation and improved personalization.

A growth mindset doesn’t just focus on satisfying existing customers. They recognize that extra demand is out there, waiting to be unlocked.

How to approach Growth Mindset

Blue Ocean Strategies presents a systematic approach to making the competition irrelevant and outlines principles and tools any Hotels can use to create and capture their blue oceans.

Now is the time for Hotels to be proactive and not think tomorrow will look like today but anticipate change and implement new innovative Content and Social Media Strategies.

Context and Social Media Value Innovation is the key components for the future.

Value proposition: The Hotels promise to deliver on a particular combination of values – price, quality, performance, selection, and convenience.

Value-driven Hotel: Combination of operation processes, management systems, hotel structure, and a culture that provide the hotel to deliver its value proposition.

Value discipline: Combining operation models and value propositions to be the best in their markets.

Value innovation: The Content and Social Media Tipping point for Hotels lays in Value Innovation. Value Innovation is created where a Hotels action favorably affect both its cost structure and its value proposition to buyers.

Cost savings are made by eliminating and reducing factors that the Hotel Industry compete on.

Guests today are seeking new and innovative ways to add value to their overall customer experience.

As Hoteliers, we play a key role in our guest’s journey, stories and experience.

Traditionally innovation has represented a predictable pattern based on studies, surveys, forums, and trends.

Today we are facing major shifts towards more disruptive innovations. Disruptive innovations break new barriers and taps into new market and value networks.

We have seen that disruptive innovations have been introduced by entrepreneurs and that millennials been more adapt to this.

Today, customers can browse product and service options on the go through their smartphones, chat with a live human, resolve issues through service automation in chatbots and collaborate with peers to review options in Social Media channels, negotiate and making purchases, and even have items delivered directly to their doorstep.

Growth Mindset in context

Social Media marketing 2.0 represent contextual, intuitive and experimental customer engagement across multiple micro-moments.

Customers are getting savvier and expect service on-the-go.

Service Automation and Contextual interactions

What we see with new innovative service options for Facebook and Google now provide Hotels now have a unique opportunity to keep customers in dedicated Built-In Experience Loops.

With the Built-In Experience Loop, Hotels give customers and new uncontested market leads the opportunity to share their opinions at every interaction.

Service Automation allows for real-time engagement with the Hotel customers. This provides your team with proactive opportunities to get valuable feedback insight before concerns turn into negative reviews, and also celebrate when they express delightful and surprising experiences.

Thanks to the rise of intelligent chatbots, anytime a potential customer asks a question, your Hotel can now be there to provide a real-time response 24/7, 365. Same goes for if a potential customer wants to a book a room. A Hotel experience chatbot can take care of scheduling that anytime, day or night.

Today the real-time engagement and contextual conversations are critical for building and retaining customer loyalty.

Growth mindset represents today a cultural shift. And it also reflects and adapts to new customer behaviors.

Growth Mindset, Innovative and Collaborative mindset drives the new Customer Experience

A growth mindset is one which embraces the notion that talents, intelligence, and potential can be developed through practice and learning, frequently with good mentoring.

Innovative and collaborative mindset requires participant capability, commitment, and continuity.

Do your Hotel find that Digital Engagement Ain’t Easy?

Kick-off your Hotels growth mindset implementing these 5 steps;

  1. Get Started. Choose the right place to start and create the right growth mind team
  2. Understand where you are. Get clear about your Hotels current process
  3. Imagine where you could be. Uncover what limits the size of the Hotel industry and discover new segments of noncustomers you can unlock
  4. Find how to get there. Systematically reconstruct Hotel market boundaries and create new alternative growth opportunities.
  5. Make your move. Select your move, conduct rapid market tests and launch your Hotels growth mindset move.

Invest in the Growth Mindset

As Hoteliers, we should strive to deliver a customer experience that goes beyond customer requests and expectations.

Hotels that invest and introduce a growth mindset will focus on the processes and tasks. They embrace every micro-moment as a learning opportunity.

Achieving this requires an investment in human capacity to create adaptive and resilient employees capable of taking on challenges and seeking out different strategies to achieve goals.

To succeed Hotels must build a team’s force that is change-ready and a culture where learning is valued and setbacks are viewed as opportunities to grow.

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