What is a Hotel Landing Page?

So that we are all on the same page, a landing page is a special web page that your visitors reach (hit) when clicking an ad or external link to your website. The goal of every landing page is either to capture information about that person or to get that person to click through to learn more. It is always about capturing leads and convincing them to progress down the sales conversion (hotel booking in our case) funnel.

A landing page designed for a hotel, guest house, or B&B marketing campaign is your welcome message to people that are new to your property. Someone who is planning a trip that clicks on your ad is motivated to find the perfect place to stay. This is your opportunity to address their needs and convince them to take the next booking action.

Designing an Effective Hotel Landing Page

Properly designed, a hotel landing page should follow these best practices:

  • For consistent messaging, match the ad text or banner ad look and feel
  • Visually showcase your hospitality brand with a highlight photo or video
  • Lists several bullet points about your property and reasons to book
  • Includes your contact details and social media links to connect online
  • Encourages visitors to take action as opposed to clicking the back button
  • Bonus Idea – Add review snippets, hotel award logos, and recent guest testimonials

Directing Hotel Ad Traffic

For a hotel that is paying for search and banner ads, the default place to send ad traffic is to your home page. While you cannot control where natural search results link to, you can optimize your ad traffic by utilizing landing pages. For every ad that you create whether in Google AdWords, Facebook, or a banner ad network, you must specify the destination link. This is your chance to build a special web page, a hotel landing page, to improve your conversion rate.

For a small or independent hotel that has one type of accommodation or customer profile, only one landing page is necessary. If your ad groups target different types of guests or are segmented by type of room and stay package, create a separate landing page for each campaign. That way people that click on an ad will see a landing page that matches their expectations and be more likely to take the next action.

Hotel Landing Page Call to Action

Now that you have designed a landing page for your hotel’s online marketing program, what should your next action button do? For hotels that have digital content to give away, consider making the call to action a request for that free but valuable item. For example, you may have a guide to golfing near your resort, a brochure containing your spa menu, or perhaps your list of the top restaurants nearby. Add a form that asks for their email address so you can send out the information and start the booking conversation.

Most hotels, however, will go with the “click-through” call-to-action on their landing page. This means that once you have piqued their interest in making a booking, tell them to click the button to continue learning about your property.

Hotel Landing Page Action

The big, bold button should be labeled in an action oriented way using hotel and booking friendly terms. Here are some hotel landing page action button labels to consider:

  • Start Booking Your Memorable Stay
  • Explore Our Award Winning Hotel
  • Make Your Vacation Dreams a Reality
  • Select Your Room to Book Now
  • Get Our Best Rates Today
  • View Our Amazing Hotel Packages
  • Book Now for a Free [night stay, breakfast, your offer…]

Next Steps

With some basic web design skills, any hotel marketer can build one or two landing pages to maximize their ad traffic. If you want to take hotel landing pages to the next level of sophistication, consider a third party vendor. Search the keyword “create landing pages” and you’ll receive a long list of options, most of which are general purpose and significant marketing investment.

Once you have uploaded and tested your hotel landing pages, link them to your live text and display ads. Monitor the results via your analytics reports and tweak and test again. Your bounce rates (people that go back almost immediately) should go down and your booking conversions should increase. All the with power of hotel landing pages!


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