Video Marketing will be essential for your Hotels existence in 2020.

This is a harsh and brutal reality.

By 2020 the customer experience is trending to overtake the pricepoint as the most important aspect of the decision process.

Customers will no longer compare your hotel on price, but on the most thrilling customer experience, they had with any brand.

Hotels will have to focus on value innovation and a growth mindset. It will become critical for hotels to utilize video marketing to create new unique visual experience offers.

Let’s look at some facts from 2019 and take a dive into the facts of video marketing for the future hotel.

Incredible Impact Of Video Marketing Hotels Experienced In 2019

Salesmanship is never a cakewalk, especially if you are looking to sell larger quantities of your hotel’s products or services. There is a lot of hard work and dedication to put into creating your offers, let alone selling them. But you did it, and you did it well. You made some serious quantities and now you have to sell them.

What Do You Do Next?

As a hotel brand, you are most likely aware of many forms of marketing out there. Still, video marketing has been and will most likely stay the leader in engaging billions of people every day, grabbing everyone’s attention and, thus, generating incredible amounts of annual revenue.

The infographic below examines essential facts and statistics about this visual form of marketing and the ways it could help you boost sales and website traffic. We handpicked several of them for you.

Most Intriguing Facts On Video Marketing

  • By 2023, the video marketing industry is projected to become a media giant, collecting $103 billion per annum.
  • On average, video content on your website’s landing page will result in 2.6 times longer browsing time.
  • Around 86% of global businesses add video content on their social media regularly, and 77% of them post videos on their websites.
  • Facebook is the leading platform in most fields of digital marketing, and video is no exception. In 2019, it attracted more than 500 million unique users, who generate an average of 8 billion views a day.
  • With a video on your landing page, your conversion rate will rise by 80% on average.
  • On average, people older than 18 consume six hours of video per day.

The present 2019 is a great year for learning more about video marketing for the hotel. According to studies published by Forbes, millennials are known to follow the advice given to them in video format. This is why 84% of them revealed having been targeted at least once and buying something off video-based marketing.

Similar research revealed that this is due to people’s short attention span. Typically, up to four times more consumers would prefer watching a video over reading articles.

Overall, there are many factors to influence your hotel’s product sales and website traffic. Still, video marketing is there to help you a lot. Through this model of digital advertising, you could accomplish many things, such as building a loyal organic base of future customers for your hotel.

Whether you’re posting on a YouTube channel, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any social media platform, you can use a simple video maker to create engaging content that boosts likes, followers, and subscribers.

Check out the infographic below to find out more details.

Video Marketing Statistics

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