American society is a mixing pot of cultures and perspectives, and each culture, nationality, and individual has a unique way of looking at the world. When businesses create a culture of diversity on their staff, everyone benefits.

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) margins for companies with higher levels of diversity were 10% higher than their peers. Companies with diverse perspectives are more innovative and creative as well.

Most importantly, having a diverse workforce can help you connect with a diverse clientele. In the hospitality industry, that can help you stand out from your competition. But only if you emphasize your commitment to diversity in your marketing.

Why is a focus on diversity so essential to your marketing efforts? Here are several reasons.

You’ll Attract More Customers

It’s no secret that if you focus your marketing efforts on only one type of customer, that’s the type of person that will most likely visit your hotel. When it comes to hospitality marketing, you don’t want to limit yourself to only one demographic, especially in today’s diverse economy.

More and more minorities are reaching positions of power and decision-making in business, and as they do they will comprise more and more of your traveling business professionals. You want your hotel to be attractive to people of every background and race so that they will choose to book and stay at your properties rather than your competitors.

Having a diverse workforce makes it easier for you to cater to a variety of customers, whether that means having translation services or simply a friendly face that looks like theirs. Marketing focused on diversity ensures that you bring those customers to your business.

People Want to Connect With Like-Minded Businesses

When people are choosing a company to do business with, whether it’s a lawn care business or a hotel, they often focus on connecting with a business that shares their values. At the same time, they’ll avoid buying from companies that oppose those ideas. In one study, 49% of respondents said they have stopped purchasing from a brand that did not represent their values.

For example, someone with a focus on green living will choose businesses based on how well they align with those practices. And a minority or underrepresented traveler will choose a hotel based on how welcome they feel by that brand.

The best way to welcome people to your brand? Create marketing that includes them. This goes beyond traditional race and gender inclusion. Make sure you are not using stereotypes about these groups, such as portraying African Americans as athletes and white people as wealthy socialites. Also, go deeper and include people of different ages, physical abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Your Marketing Will Make a Bigger Impact

Some of the biggest marketing fails have been times when people took an advertisement that worked well in one culture, translated it directly into another language, and then sent it into another country.

That’s completely tone-deaf and led to some funny — but brand-damaging — results. Cultures are not the same, and a strong message in England may be completely lost in Korea. One of the reasons it pays to have a diverse workforce is that they can help you shape your marketing message in a way that’s sensitive to the culture and appropriate for the audience in that demographic.

When you do, even if your marketing never leaves U.S. borders, you’ll find that your messaging makes a much bigger impact with your diverse audience. You’ll gain customers who were attracted to your brand simply because you took the time to really understand their culture and market to them appropriately.

Diverse Marketing Will Make it Easier to Attract Talented Staff

So far we’ve talked about the impact that diversity in marketing has on your customers. However, it’s just as important to your ability to attract and retain key talent for your team. As you build a diverse team in a challenging employment environment, your staff will feel like they belong if they see themselves in your marketing messages.

Employees today are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want careers that align with their values and worldview. A company that supports diversity and promotes inclusion in both its employment practices and its marketing is much more likely to attract excellent candidates than one that doesn’t.

Finding a company that shares your values is challenging, and once an employee feels like they belong and are valued, they are more likely to stay with you. As a result, you not only attract better talent, you retain it as well.

Diversity in Your Marketing Benefits Everyone

Just like having a diverse workforce makes a big difference at every level of your organization, focusing on diversity in your marketing will make a big impact as well. You’ll attract a broader range of customers and have guests that choose you specifically for supporting their values. At the same time, your marketing will make a bigger impact and you’ll get — and retain — talented staff members.

You can’t afford to overlook diversity at any level of your business. Make sure you incorporate it into your marketing with sensitivity and understanding, with help from your employees who understand that culture.


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