Are Morch – Digital Transformation Coach for Hotels


I help hotels open their digital front door, reimagine their processes and culture, and transform experiences in a fast paced world!

Employee and customer value

With a unique digital transformation process, I help hotels create unique, unexpected, and exciting experiences both for employees and customers by freeing up resources to focus on new ideas through value innovation and a growth mindset.

Through value innovation, I will help hotels with cost savings that are focused on eliminating and reducing factors the hotel industry competes on. I will also lift employee and customer value by raising and creating elements that hotels never offered before.

I will help hotels with a shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset creating an interactive and engaging digital huddle.

I will help hotels create a new culture that better adjusts to a new reality and is better prepared for new unknown challenges and that builds around a positive and high-value employee experience.

Together we will create happier, more productive, and effective employees that will become valuable hotel advocates. 

I will help hotels implementing digital tools in day-to-day operations and provide alternative learnings options that will raise their spirit.

Together will the hotel’s employees we will create a unique tribe that supports a community with large networks.

Hotel advocates
Inclusice experienc

I will help hotels with a more inclusive digital experience.

We will implement digital tools that help improve communication with customers that require special needs.

Through alternative learning, I help hotels implement training that supports new unique skillsets.

As a result, due to a more dedicated and strategic digital focus on the employee experience and more inclusive experiences hotels will be rewarded with more return customers and an increase in direct bookings.

I help hotels create a digital transformation huddle.

Through daily and weekly dedicated collaborative meetings we will create your hotel’s content calendar.

And with the digital transformation huddle I help hotels with;

  • A collaborative focus on smarter goals
  • Remove roadblocks
  • Team spirit
  • Improve and optimize internal and external communication channels
  • Ownership and accountability
Digital huddle
Digital Transformation journey for Hotels

I help hotels implement a new unique digital transformation plan.

Through the digital transformation plan, I assure that hotels put their content marketing and social media marketing in a more effective and relevant context.

The digital transformation plan represents a new unique future for hotels creating a deep level flexible playbook.

Your new unique content will be aligned with values that represent your hotel as a united team.

And the content will be on-demand and flexible.

With the digital transformation plan, we focus on increasing team spirit, happiness, skills, efficiency, and productivity.