5 Tips to Create a Successful Brand Identity for Hotels


Creating a successful brand identity is important in every industry, especially the Hotel industry. Everyday customers encounter different brands, and they will only choose the brand that appeals to them. The Hotel industry is very saturated and at times, standing out may be difficult. However, some big successful hotels and restaurants are doing quite well in the industry.

These Hotels did not wake up one day and became great. They had to work their way up to the top and come up with well planned out strategies. These Hotels have created brand identities that appeal to the greater majority of the population. It is not impossible to build a successful hotel brand. All you need is to build a brand that speaks to the masses.

How can Hotel Businesses Create Successful Brand Identity?

What is brand identity? Brand identity is what makes a business stand out from the rest. Brand identity involves several elements that help a business recognizable from its competitors. The brand identity components are composed of, logo, name, tagline, and typeface. Therefore, how can a Hotel create a brand identity that will help it stand out?

1. What do you stand for as a Hotel?

Before creating any brand, determine what you want to sell in your Hotel or restaurant. Some restaurants deal specifically with seafood, others concentrate on foods from a particular culture, and others have no specialty but serve all types of food. Knowing what you stand for will help you know your target market and relate to them at a personal level.

2. Come up with a specific message intended for your customers.

Having detailed message will help you come up with slogans for your restaurant, and it helps you develop a mission statement that will keep you focused on the goal.

3. Incorporate brand elements.

Incorporating brand elements will give your Hotel a more personal outlook. Come up with a theme color for your business. Work on your menu cover design. Having a restaurant menu that showcases your brand is key to a successful business. Human beings have a short memory. However, we tend to remember things that impress us. Therefore, developing a memorable logo will help customers remember your hotel for a longer time. Ensure that the menu covers have the logo in place.

4. Bring the brand to life through the employees.

Employees play an integral part in the growth of any business. Do not let your brand be only on paper but ensure that the employees know it by heart and are trained to bring it to life as they serve the customers. Create a work culture that revolves around the brand, and as a result, people will always associate your hotel with that particular brand.

5. Know your customers and relate to them.

To create a successful identity brand, you must be in close association with your customers. Remember that the customer is always king. Know your loyal customers and interact with them not only on a professional level but a social one as well.


The Hotel industry is competitive and to stand out, you must always have a competitive edge over your competitors. Statistics show that the number of Hotel bookings made from 2005 to 2016, increased by 26%.It is a clear indication that the Hotel business is booming. To ensure that your Hotel is among the number of on-demand hotels, then ensure that you create an effective brand identity.

Also, you can market your Hotel through Social Media. The number of Social Media users around the world has now surpassed three billion. Therefore, it is a ripe market.

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