How can you encourage local businesses to host their own one-off Hotel events on your premises?

Whether you’re planning a one-off themed dinner package or a small-scale festival in and around the premises, Hotels can be the perfect place to promote and host events.

Guests have a place to crash, and the size of your venue can be used to create a world of excitement for visitors. They can also encourage local businesses to host their own events on your premises – all the better for marketing and promotion.

If you’re looking to host a day or evening of fun at your Hotel, how should you promote it?

Social media

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of Social Media when it comes to getting your Hotel seen. While word of mouth is certainly important for getting news around the local community, social media provides a way for it to be checked and confirmed.

Guests can register their interest and whether they’re attending, to give you an idea of numbers. Not only that, but social media sites such as Facebook will do half the marketing job for you.

Your event will pop up as a reminder throughout the weeks running up to the event. It will also quickly point them in the direction of contact numbers for bookings and inquiries.

Gradually release information

If you want to generate excitement and intrigue in your Hotel even, then try releasing information gradually to keep visitors enticed. Here are a few ideas of how to release the details to create curiosity:

  • Early discounts: One of your first information releases could be a one-off, early-bird discount. Clearly displaying this on your Hotel website’s homepage will ensure that guests will make the most of this offer and that it can be shared online efficiently.
  • Menu themes: Release high-quality pictures of some of the dishes on offer. Maybe even offer visual clues on where you’re thinking of taking the menu, such as close-ups of spices and ingredients, or even pictures of countries of origin.
  • Events: if you have a band performance planned, a dance, and a taster menu then don’t release these all at once. Release details of who is performing and at what time and ask guests to stay tuned for more.

Promotional goody-bags

Whether you give these out to those who book a place at your event or leave them as a final goodbye to say thank you, goody-bags are a great way of securing your brand’s message.

Giving them a memento of the day, or a quirky gift such as a custom magic 8 ball, will remind them to return to your Hotel again. It shows that your business doesn’t just want to take their custom, but that it also has a generous side to it.

One-off events at your Hotel are excellent for bringing in new customers from near and far. Whether you want to promote your new restaurant menu or showcase any room makeovers, events give customers a reason to show up, and most importantly, enjoy themselves.

When they leave, remember to give them a token of your brand, as it will help bring them back to your business time and time again.

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