Hotel Housekeeping and Social Media Courage

Hotel Housekeeping represents the heart of the Hotel. But in a Social Media setting, this has become the trade that been forgotten.

Working myself in Housekeeping management at one point this is trade is dear and close to my heart.

Housekeepers play a critical role in ensuring a remarkable guest experience. It is important to understand for all parts involved that housekeepers hold the key to the happiness factor.

Special thanks to RoomChecking for their incredible insight and data, and I am grateful to present their data in ways that enlighten and educate Hotel guest.

First impressions set the stage for the customer experience

A clean room represents the art of love for serving the guests wants and needs. Opening a door to a clean room impact all the senses for the guest – smell, vision, taste, feeling and auditory.

  • Understanding of the service sector, accommodation, and tourism
  • Explain the role, function, and organization of the housekeeping department of a Hotel
  • Communicate professionally and effectively with guests
  • Demonstrate the principles and practices of cleaning as applied to the duties of a housekeeper/room attendant;
  • Apply theoretical knowledge in the housekeeping operation in relation to guest room cleaning and public area cleaning;
  • Proper use of housekeeping equipment, agents, chemicals and handling
  • Provide housekeeping services to guests
  • Conduct other housekeeping operations as necessary, and
  • Maintain a safe and secure working environment

Role of the Housekeeping Department

The main product of Hotels is accommodation; therefore, the Housekeeping Department has a very important role to play in any hotel operation. The housekeeper is responsible for preparing guest rooms for sale, guest laundry services and the cleanliness of all public areas in the Hotel.

In-house collaboration

A close connection between housekeeping and the front desk is essential so that rooms are available to let as quickly as possible. Very often guests will request, for example, extra blankets, cots etc. These are passed to the housekeeping department from the reception. Therefore, good communication between these two important departments is essential.

Housekeeping responsibilities

The Housekeeping Department is responsible for the daily and periodic cleaning of guest’s rooms; and in most cases, public areas. This department has in its care, linen and furnishings, carpets and furniture, beds and bedding, and sometimes laundry work for guests and the department.

Housekeeping standards

The housekeeping department must maintain high standards of housekeeping practice, or the guests will not be satisfied. Working in Housekeeping is a very specialized and important job.

You are not just a number among many individuals; you are part of a team. The efficiency of the Housekeeping staff contributes to the success of the whole Hotel, equally with the staff of the Kitchen, Restaurant or Reception.

The reputation and success of any Hotel depend upon the efficiency and contribution of its entire staff, especially the people who deal with the guests.

Characteristics of a great Housekeeper

Housekeeping staff should have the following valuable characteristics:

  • Tact, diplomacy and discretion
  • Etiquette and good manners
  • Politeness and civility
  • Pleasing personality
  • Honesty and dedication
  • Willingness to be of genuine service
  • Attention to detail
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Efficient

Arrivals, Stayovers, Departures, and Refusals

Keeping a Hotel in perfect condition and ready to deliver great guest experience is a lot more than just “having a crew” there are so many details involved.

RoomChecking is installed in hundreds of Hotels. Here are some key data pulled out to illustrate what is really going behind the scene to make sure the guest experience is above and beyond.

Between 36% and 61% of the hotel’s guests leave every day. Meaning a lot more work for the housekeeping team. On average, it takes 31.5 minutes to fully clean a room that is being released that day, that’s more than 30% more time than it takes to clean a stayover room.

The good news is that on average there are more stayovers than departures in a Hotel. Between 39% and 60% of the guests stay another night and the time it takes to clean those rooms is 20.5 minutes.

And in addition to that almost 7% of the hotel’s room are not to be cleaned either because of refusal or Do Not Disturb.

Good Bye Clipboards, Welcome Technology

RoomsChecking also addresses the elephant in the room. Working within Hotels myself, and dealing with Hotels from the outside I experienced it firsthand that technology, digital media, new media and Social Media is a challenge.

Effective communication has become more critical today as guests often turn to Social Media first to voice any concerns.

Four Parts to Effective Housekeeping - RoomChecking Chart

Social Media Courage

Part of the Hotel guest experience today often involves that they share key micro-moments from the Hotel.

The key for Hotels is to make those moments count. Exceptional Hotel experiences are important not just to keep guests happy during their stay, but to influence their behavior post-stay. Commentary on social media is now the norm and bound to rise, especially with millennials accounting for a greater share of travel activity.

As much as Hotels have augmented the scope and quality of their guest offerings, hospitality beddings requiring the human touch still rank among the most important to guests.

For example, they say room cleanliness (93%) and staff helpfulness (72%) are “very or extremely important” to the overall satisfaction of their hotel experience. Such findings underscore the continued importance of hiring and training staff well.

Hotels today should start to make the cheerleading housekeepers part of their Social Media task team. They will lead and guide their housekeeping team how to communicate and serve their guests.

The housekeeper will listen to relevant information that might raise a concern for their department.

Happiness equals more productive and effective team members. RoomChecking provides a unique service that makes the transaction to new technology smooth sailing.

12 Little Know Facts About Hotel Housekeeping and Maintenance [INFOGRAPHIC]

12 Facts about Hotel Housekeeping and Maintenance

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The RoomChecking platform is a technology solution that improves every aspect of the daily Hotel operations. Their goal is to be able to deliver a platform which can boost productivity, employee happiness, and guest satisfaction from day one.

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