A Social Media Manager can help your Hotel with coordinate & distribute your Content through various Social Media Channels. Tasks can vary from setting up your Hotels Social Media Profile, Reputation Management, Relationship Marketing, Monitoring, Measure data, Content Creation and distribution.

In this article, I focus on how the Hotel Experience can be transformed through Twitter. But the principles here are transferable to other Social Media Channels.

Here are some ideas of what a Social Media Coach can help your Hotel with:

Elements of an effective and successful Twitter Profile for your Hotel

Don’t make the mistakes and skip learning the basics of your Hotels Twitter Profile. Customers today can access information about your Hotel in real time through various new media channels. Consistency is key for an effective and successful Hotel Twitter Profile.

Social Selling is a term for how Social Media responds to your interactions on the various channels customers see your presence. A survey from Twitter showed that;

  • 30% of responded see Tweets from a Small Business every time they log in
  • 90% has engaged in a conversation with, or about a Small Business
  • 60% has purchased something from a Small Business based on something they saw on Twitter

The first step in developing an effective and successful Twitter profile starts with Research.

I start with simple Listening strategies here;

  • Using Twitter Search options
  • Build Communities with influencers and industry thought leaders
  • Check out competition

One of the questions I ask about my profile is:
Have I written a clear, informative bio that describes my business’s offerings, includes a link to my website and gives customers a compelling reason to follow my account?

Gaining and earning new Twitter Followers

One of my primary goals is to increase awareness of my value proposition and increase engagement among my followers.

Surprise and delight are one of the core principles of Hospitality, and this is a principle that is transferable to all Social Media channels.

One of the key questions with Twitter Followers to ask; do I want quantity or quality? I say go for both. Then learn how to turn quantity into quality.

    • Find your voice

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Customers will find you more relatable if your Tweets are authentic, conversational and responsive to their questions or current events.

    • Be strategic

Twitter happens in real time, but some of the best strategies and tactics come from thoughtful planning.

Start developing a content calendar that works for your Hotel.

With advanced strategies, your Hotel can increase your follower base with 30-50%.

Building your Twitter Tribe

A Twitter Tribe with a crowd of Loyal Fans eager to interact with your Hotels Network is what Hotels today should strive for.

Hotels today are accustomed to and familiar with traditional Customer Service Channels. Social Media focus on Customer Experience, and how Hotels can add value to all reference points of the Customer Experience.

If Hotels take care of their Twitter Tribe, then they will experience rewards beyond their imagination.

When your Twitter Tribe get requests for a Hotel in your Town, guess which Hotel they will refer them too? And when concerns pop up in your Social Media channels they will pitch in to avoid a huge turmoil.

    • Ask your Twitter Followers

Consider what will excite your followers and be sure they know it’s exclusive to Twitter. To get people personally invested in your success, ask for their suggestion.

    • #hashtags for reference points

Twitter is brilliant for creating awareness. Share #hashtags with your Twitter Tribes to spread around. This will help your Hotel gain attention to specific reference points.

    • Twitter Member of the moment

When they reach the set number of Retweets, give your Social Media Tribes their well-deserved rewards.

Unlocking exclusive content for your Twitter Tribes requires some finesse, and this is part of more advanced strategies.

ROI from the Customer Experience

The most common questions I get from Hoteliers are very often related to Return Of Investments (ROI) from Twitter.

Social Proof has been one of the most challenging tasks for us that work with Hotels and Social Media on a day to day basis. Over time we have discovered techniques and tools that allow us to handle this challenge, and allows us to provide Hotels with relevant data.

Twitter ROI culminates from the previous principles mentioned here. I utilize all these principles to stimulate repeat business.

    • Create your goals in advance

One very important part of your Social Media strategy is to list out the key goals and objectives.

Make sure your goals follow the SMART methodology – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

    • Measure what matters

Use your SMART goals to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI). One of the main principles that I follow is Average Visitor Value > Average Cost per Click.

The key for me is to see this in combination with my Value Propositions which represent a particular combination of values – price, quality, performance, selection and convenience.

    • Test and repeat

One thing I learned over the year working with Social Media, in general, is that it is constantly changing. So testing and repetition are important to provide up to date solutions.

Twitter Success tastes so sweet

Measuring and analyzing progress is crucial for your Hotels Twitter presence.

No doubt more insight means better results. I found that #hashtags is an extremely effective way to direct your Twitter attention where you want it.

For my targeted Twitter #hashtags, I have each term displayed with the number of Tweets found containing that term over the time I been monitoring the term. And I get a relevant date from up-to-date tweets currently found that match the same term.

I also combine this data with up-to-date users, frequency analysis and sentiments. I get daily, weekly and monthly reports that allow me to track all forms of variations. And I can execute daily, weekly and monthly changes if needed. Plus it allows me to provide timely targeted responses.

I have used Twitter since early 2007, and over the years learned that is a unique experience channel.

Social Media Coaching for Hotels

I am here to help yours with the basics of your Hotels Twitter Profile, more Followers, Loyal Fans or ROI.

My main focus is on how to bring the Hotel Experience to your targeted customers in ways that make them take action.


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