Your Hotel needs a channel on YouTube. Why?

For every minute that ticks, millions of videos get uploaded on YouTube. And for every day that elapses, more than five billion videos are streamed on different channels on the platform.

YouTube has grown into one of the largest search engine platforms, second only to Google. Having known this, how well are you optimizing this platform for the good of your Hotel? Or are you stuck in-between series of indecision?

If your answer falls on the latter, we have highlighted some basics on how to create a Hotel YouTube channel without necessarily having the experience as well tips on how to create content to keep the channel running.

Setting Up

First off, you have to sign up on YouTube. This isn’t a difficult thing to do as you must have seen the register/sign-up option on the platform.

Once done, your next point is to create a new business channel by utilizing the gear icon at the top right-hand side where you’d fill in your correct details at the about and profile this point, you’d need to take your time to craft an intriguing description about your channel page as it essentially would be your selling point.

You also should try as much as you can to include links that direct users to your website and other social media. Remember, making use of the keywords would help your business a lot.

Your page optimization is overly important as well. Try as much as you can to make sure you spend quality time to make the right channel cover image.

Also, read about YouTube influencer marketing platform

Your brand should be an amiable center of attraction. In the case whereby you already have ready-made videos available, you are one step ahead in making your YouTube page s prime property. All you have to do is create short, precise channel trailers.

Featured Content

Having done everything, simply navigate to left-hand tab and click on ‘Channel.’ You’d see an available drop-down item option labeled & Features’. From here, you’d be able to monitor the status of the account and see how effective it’s working. If you see the red color indicator, you should follow guidelines on how to resolve this).

‘Featured Content’ is another drop-down option you’d see in the ‘Channel’ page. This drop-down option allows you to select a particular content featured piece which appears on your channel’s homepage. The video on this option plays automatically any time someone visits your page. Hence you should try to make sure this video is short and intriguingly precise to sell you to lots of users.

Branding Channel

The ‘Branding’ in ‘Channel’ drop-down, allows you to choose a branding watermark overlaid on your videos. It shows firmly that the property is solely yours as your logo is included in the property as well as a link to your website.

Advanced Settings

To set your Keywords, you’d have to navigate to the ‘Advanced’ setting. Choose your country and include the correct keywords that would enable people to find you easily. You don’t, under any circumstances have to create channel tags that aren’t related directly to your channel. With 3 or 5 channel tags, you are good to go. You can as well link your AdWords account to YouTube account for optimization.

Also, the YouTube platform has an Associated Website tab channel owner can check out channel recommendations, – where you can feature the channel on other relevant channels and videos to increase your potential reach. There’s also a subscriber recommendation, – users can see the capacity and popularity of your channel and offer validation.

Knowing Your Audience & Content Creation

Now you may be tempted to ask, – how do the basics of content marketing apply in video format? Who is your audience? What conversation are they looking at? What is likely to win them over? How do you meet their wants?

If it might interest you know that a simple video showing how you handle customer reception in your Hotel can win you, clients. Or maybe a showcase of how your chef makes a fabulous dish. Any video of interest is liable to prompt activities on your channel.

Creating contents have endless available options. All you need to do is look beyond and within your property for likable ideas to create lots of exciting options which directly involved your brand.

Making Videos

Probably the most challenging part that keeps people off YouTube. But then, it isn’t really difficult to create a basic video. All you need is a good phone camera, HD camera or a good video recorder. With them, you are good to go.

However, you need to understand the sequence of things before you start making videos. What are the things you’d like to show and how do you plan to go about it? Before starting anything, try to scribble down. This will serve as a guide on how to about what you intend to do. To eventually create a video on YouTube, can make use of some desktop tools such as iMovie, Animoto, Filmora, Adobe Spark Video, Lumyer amongst others.

Alternatively, you can as well utilize to make Facebook Live. To use this, you must have gotten the videos on your Facebook timeline which you can download and upload directly to YouTube.

Monitor and Respond to Comments

After building your channel, optimizing your page and making videos, it seemingly looks like you’ve done everything and should begin reaping the benefits. All right, you’ve done your part to an extent, but it isn’t enough yet. You need to start building your YouTube community by getting engaged with them. Listen and respond to their questions, comments to reviews. Over time, you’d get accustomed with them and you’d be able to grow your clientele/following base.

Now that you are ready, what will your first video be? After that, what next? When next are you going to post? It is very important that you completely analyze every one of your options and make sure to optimize them continuously. You definitely will continue getting better.

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