Online Visibility is about getting found wherever conversations are happening that are important to your customers, industry participants, and your Hotel.

When consumer land on one of your Hotels online properties – website, social media profile, blog, etc. they are looking for an answer to a problem that needs to be solved.

And for many Hotels, online visibility is extremely difficult and complex. It requires commitment and consistent actions.

If you want to be found by the right people who are looking to make a reservation with your Hotel, you need to be visible and you need to do the work to make it happen.

To solve this challenge for Hotels we have to put content into context. And the solution today is to create a framework that creates patterns that respond to the consumer’s needs.

1. Start with a Social Media Framework

Signature Solution

In today’s world with Social Media, New Media and new advanced technology all types of businesses collect a great deal of data and information to analyze.

And the overall purpose of the Social Media Framework is to strengthen the effectiveness of the Hotels Social Media strategies.

When we put this in context an effective Social Media Framework is used to encourage and educate your Social Community in different ways.

And when either there are changes in your organization or at a given Social Network you easily can identify change and start providing new alternatives.

2. Keep it simple

We all been there where we overanalyze what is said or what type of action we need to take to achieve our Social Media goals.

Start with the why, and then your Hotel with be in a better position to answer all the how.

One important aspect of keep it simple is to start to focus on the development of effectiveness with one Social Network.

Work on developing an effective Social Media framework that will highlight data and information gaps or the kind of information that needs to be collected in the future.

3. Social Media Awareness

You undoubtedly want visitors that come to your Hotels website from Social Media to take certain actions. Maybe you want them to make a direct booking, sign up, or fill out a form.

When someone does something you want them to do, it’s known as a conversion. The visitor converts from browsing to taking the action you want them to take.

A Social Media Framework is built on the mechanism and principles that bring people into three key channels. The three channels are Foundation, Funnel, and Amplification. This will identify the patterns that will make sense with the engagement process.

The key is to understand how your Hotel can flip the funnel, so it becomes a megaphone where the community amplifies your message.

4. Optimize your Hotels Social Profiles

You know you need to optimize your content for online visibility, but what about your Hotels Social profiles? The more you optimize your Social profiles, the easier it is for people to find the information they need.

With this in mind, be sure that you fill out your profile’s bio and “about” sections accurately. Don’t forget to include some relevant keyword phrases throughout.

The key to a successful Social Profile lays in developing stories that inspire visitors.

And this is where I often see Hotels miss out. In most cases, their Social Profile is set up as an advertising channel instead of telling a story.

It is like coming to a party and you see someone you recognize, and they are holding a sign up saying something like “Today’s Special Two Romantic Nights for the Price of One at Hotel X!”. And if you initiate a conversation the response is in line with the sign.

Social Media is very similar to the party here – starting with a sales pitch is a major turnoff.

5. Put content in context

Social Context

Through awareness, your Hotel has captured attention from the targeted market segment.

But now we face the essence of the challenges I outlined previously, can your Hotel engage with them enough, so they will spend their valuable time to get a deeper understanding of your content?

Online visibility is more than just being found. Many Hotels experience a very large drop-out rate before visitors even got to any type of call-to-action.

To move an audience from leads to prospects you need to know put the content in a context that helps leads to determine if your Hotel is credible and sincere.

Providing educational content will help your leads make a more rational decision that is favorable for the Hotel.

6. Strategic content marketing

Content that’s not strategically placed will often never be seen. Every Hotel has a target audience, which may represent certain type of demographics.

Strategic content marketing is all about getting your Hotels content in the right place at that right time. Your target is the ones who will be the most engaged with your content, so they will naturally share and promote it if they’re impressed.

Your Hotels Social Framework will help you put your Hotels content in context with your Social Funnel.

On one side of the Social Funnel, you have people that will engage in Social Communities that will add value to your Hotel.

Hospitality Gone Social Funnel

7. Social Content Management

An accomplished content management strategy can facilitate relationship building and cultivate a sense of community that encourages steadfast loyalty for your Hotel. It can allow you to position yourself as a thought leader, an authority, within your industry.

It provides you with the opportunity to sell your Hotel and simultaneously provide value and insight to your target audience.

Being able to evaluate your content marketing activity, from creation to distribution, is critical to iterating its success. You can use analytics to identify and address both issues and opportunities in your content strategy.

A Content Management system will allow your Hotel to get more done, more easily, with less stress.

8. Social Media Audit

Very often we see Hotels that don’t have a Social Media Framework or Social Media Funnel in place.

One great strategy to help with your Hotels online visibility is getting an outsider the help and provide a no strings attached Social Media Audit.

Some of the things that will be covered in a Social Media Audit:

  • Comments on overall strategy;
  • Comments on your set-up and branding;
  • Notes on frequency, timings, post length, and typology;
  • Comments on content;
  • Additional content ideas tailored to your brand;
  • Ideas to increase your engagement rate;

9. User Generated Content

User generated content is content that is provided by your consumers, customers, visitors, and guests. Photos, videos, hashtags, and comments created by your audience and submitted to platforms like Facebook.

Authenticity and engagement is among the top priorities within Social Communities. Smart Hotels today view their audience, customers, and guest as co-creators.

User-Generated Content individual marketing campaigns and can send a consistent message at every reference point where people interacts with your Hotel. The result is a greater likelihood of increased Social engagement, higher conversion rates, and better ad performance.

10. Start running Facebook Ads

Facebook ads allow your Hotel to create very specific ads and place them in front of a custom audience that you select.

For example, your Hotel could create an ad related to specific events like weddings or family reunions, and select a local audience located within driving distance to the Hotel and target people who like specific wedding-related and family reunions pages and groups on Facebook.

With Facebook ads, you can attract the perfect audience with booking-intent to your Hotels website.

The Hotel Content Funnel – a dynamic process

I work on content strategies that support The Hotel Content Funnel. This is an ongoing dynamic process where data, information, and innovation will reach the relevant consumers for a given Hotel.

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Learn how to nurture your influencers and the Community.


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