11 Reasons to Hire a Hotel Social Media Manager

Why do Hotels need a Social Media Manager?

Many Hotels is still questioning if Social Media add some real value to them. And many investors, owners, and managers are not losing any sleep due to Social Media engagement. Their primary focus is still on occupancy and revenue.

Hotels understand the impact of paid and organic media. This is media that is known and can be controlled with familiar tools and technology.

Earned media is the unknown that is controlled by the community and the Hotel guest.

The Hotel Social Media Managers job is to help with managing earned media. The Social Media Manager will focus on adding values that enrich the customer experience in all three stages of their Hotel relationship phases.

Hotel Relationship

  • Listening: also known as Reputation Management, is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand on the Internet.
  • Awareness: involves recognizing others’ feelings and knowing how and when to assist others. Learn to show respect for and understand others’ perspectives, emotional states and needs.
  • Response: Social customers now expect you to be present and responsive across Social Media —42% percent expect a response in just one hour. And if you disappoint, watch out! 15% of Social customers will abandon your Hotel after one negative service experience—40% after two.

As a Hotel Social Media Manager, one of the key roles here is to monitor and measure the impact of all these three stages.

As an Owner, Investor or Manager you might ask “why is this important?”. Today a large number of Hotel guests and Social Network Communities has access to tools and new technology that provide them with the same information very fast.

Hotel Guests and Social Network Communities are using these tools and new technology to build their stories. The Social Media Manager helps them implement their stories into your Hotels Storyboard. When you enrich their stories is when earned media will impact your Hotels occupancy and revenue.

11 Reasons to Hire a Hotel Social Media Manager

  1. Enrich Hotels guests and Social Network Communities life
  2. Positioning your Hotel with the Social Network Community. It is when the Hotel Community start book blocks of rooms Hotel Owners, Investors and Managers will start to pay attention
  3. Develop Hotel Relationship strategies
  4. Develop Value propositions that focus on a unique alternative
  5. Strategic Content Calendars
  6. Dynamic processes that focus on seasons, Holidays, events, occasions, local info
  7. More positive reviews
  8. Redefined Social Selling
  9. Guest and Group retention
  10. Key performance indicators that matters
  11. Action based reports


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