Are your Hotel stuck in a maze searching for new ways just to locate your current market?

What if I told you there were effective and creative alternatives that could expand your market beyond your imagination? Discover 3 ways for Hotels to effectively reach and influence new audiences while turning them into loyal customers.

Knowing that your Hotel contribute to making your community worthwhile visiting

We see numerous reports and research indicating that the percentage of employees actively committed to doing a good job is around 30%. And as much as 50% merely put their time in, and the remaining 20% act in counterproductive ways negatively influence coworkers, missing days at work, and driving customers away with poor service.

Even though the numbers might be a little discouraging, it’s an open abundance of opportunities through alternative solutions.

The key to creating shifts towards alternative solutions starts putting your Hotels team members first.

Great leadership will focus on what acts and activities leaders need to take to undertake to boost team members’ motivation and business results, not on who the leader needs to be.

Also, great leadership puts a focus on value innovation.

Value without innovation will give only incremental gains easily duplicated by the competition.

Innovation without value is typically technology-oriented and won’t be a commercial success.

The idea is to create a huge leap in value for your Hotels team and customers never seen before. That leap attracts new customers that have never before considered your Hotels products or service.

It is critical to understand that community engagement is based on the belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process.

Creating a successful team of people from different backgrounds working together requires that leaders make an effort to build a common understanding, trust, and commitment.

Connect with team members and get an understanding of how their perceptions of the Hotel business.

Empower your team members to go out in the local community to learn more about their perceptions of your Hotel.

Discovering a new playing field of customers

3 Tier Customers

In an oversaturated market several Hotels compete over the same markets. Thinking outside the box often is a challenge for the traditional industry.

When we take a look at the playing field of customers often Hotels is focused down on a very limited range.

If take a look at the total playing field there is an abundance of opportunities just waiting for Hotels to share their story.

Soon-to-be customers are closest to your Hotels current market.

They tend to jump offers out of necessity, but mentally they view themself as non-customers. If other alternatives open, they will jump ship without any hesitations.

Usually, these customers are constantly looking for better alternatives

Refusing customers have to look into what your Hotel has to offer to meet their needs but refuse to even consider the offerings.

Typically, this is related to a perception of what they can afford, and they find your Hotel’s offerings unacceptable and beyond their means.

Unexplored customers are the farthest away from your Hotels current market.

These customers have never thought of your Hotel’s offering as an option.

Typically, they have never been considered as a potential market for your Hotel.

There are plenty of opportunities for Hotels to look outside their current market.

The key is to look at focusing on key commonalities across these noncustomers and existing customers, companies can understand how to pull them into their new market.

By putting in place value innovation you can now utilize your team members as Hotel Brand Ambassadors that has the freedom to help you discover these new markets.

Provide all of your team members with proper resources and tools to gather relevant and valuable information, and then share the knowledge with everyone.

Don’t compete within small boundaries or on existing customers. Instead, create new demand and attract noncustomers to grow your Hotel.

Which factors have your Hotel competed on for too long? Eliminate them.

What factors hindering growth are an outcome of competing against other Hotels? Reduce them.

What factors of your Hotel, product, or service are simply similar to current industry standards? Raise them.

What are the factors that your industry has never really offered? Create them.

Uncovering new opportunities and cheering the process

When faced with intense competition, declining demand, and increasing costs, new innovative Hotel frameworks do not take industry practices as a given.

What they recognize, and what most Hoteliers forget, is that while the industry conditions exist, individual Hotels created them. Industry boundaries are not fixed.

Just as individual Hotels created the existing boundaries, they can create new innovative and creative conditions through value innovations.

Value innovation frameworks don’t look at benchmarks or imitate competitions. It’s a focus on how to make the competition irrelevant.

What will it take for your Hotel to win over new uncontested markets, even with no marketing?

The answer is to create such a compelling offering that anyone who sees it or tries it can’t help raving about it.

Don’t take current Hotel industry conditions as given. Rather, set out to reshape them in your favor.

Do not seek to beat the competition. Instead, aim to make the competition irrelevant.

Focus on creating and capturing new demand, not fighting over the limited playing field of current customers.

Start focusing on differentiation and low cost. Aim to break, not make the value-cost trade-off.

Cultivate the value innovation and mindset by providing your Hotel team with the tools, resources, time, training, and support.

Along with introducing value innovation as the main theme in your daily Hotel operations, it is important to ensure that the most valuable resource, your team members, are engaged in the process, celebrate it, and understand how to present new ideas.

Achieving this requires an investment in the human capacity to create adaptive and resilient employees capable of taking on challenges and seeking out different strategies to achieve goals.

To succeed Hotels must build a team’s force that is change-ready and a culture where learning is valued and setbacks are viewed as opportunities to grow.

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Over to you

The hotel industry is always changing, especially during a time of crisis. Make sure to future-proof your business and continue attracting new guests by investing in these solutions.

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