5 Reasons Every Hotel Needs to Use Facebook To Grow Their Business

The popularity of Social Media networks has increased significantly throughout the past couple of years. Facebook can be considered the most popular Social Media network out of them. Billions of people from every corner of the world have created their accounts on Facebook. The best thing about Facebook is that most of its users log into their accounts several times a day.

Therefore, Facebook is one of the best places available out there on the internet for a business to enhance its potential customer base. It applies to Hotels as well. Here is a list of 5 reasons why every Hotel owner should think about using Facebook to increase the number of customers effectively.

1. Build Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Facebook can be used to create incredible experiences for all the guests who check into your Hotel. Customer service has been identified as one of the most profitable uses associated with social media networks such as Facebook. Any Hotel owner can use Facebook to cultivate loyalty. You just need to create a dedicated Facebook page for your hotel at the start. You can encourage the guests to leave reviews about your Hotel on the Facebook page.

Since you are encouraging them to leave reviews, you would take necessary measures to maintain 100% customer satisfaction. The reviews left on the Facebook business page can create a tremendous impact on your credibility. Also, the people who leave reviews on your Facebook page would share the message among their networks as well. As a result, you will get the opportunity to increase the visibility of your Hotel for free.

2. Help You Get More Direct Sales

The Facebook page of your hotel can effectively be used to enhance the direct sales volume. You can think about launching exclusive promotions for the people who are connected with your Facebook page. For example, you can think about offering deals or meals for them. Or else, you can give incentives such as coupon codes to your fans.

This is one of the most convenient methods available for modern world hotels to attract new customers. You can also think about sharing your amenities, rates, and availability on the Facebook page for them to see.

3. Build Your Brand

The unique experience that you deliver to the guests should live in the virtual world as well. That’s where the Facebook page comes to your survival. However, you need to take necessary measures in order to post content on the Facebook page according to the branding guidelines of your Hotel. You can think about running some local events, offering travel advice and posting reviews for the benefit of potential customers.

However, you need to be equipped with a unique personality and a voice to engage with branding effectively. If you keep the Hotel logo visible through the Facebook page as much as possible, give something valuable to the people and keep the colors consistent along with the background, you will be able to enhance your brand awareness effectively.

4. Enhance Your Reputation

The Social Media strategy can effectively be used to make the reputation of your hotel shiny and clean. You can entertain your potential customers through quality videos or pictures, inform them about the current events that are related to their interest or share any related “viral” content through the page to boost reputation. Then the people who have liked your hotel Facebook page would share those posts within their networks and contribute towards your visibility.

5. Promote Your Hotel In A Cost-Effective Manner

You don’t need to pay anything to create a dedicated page for your Hotel on Facebook and share content through it. On the other hand, you will only have to spend a reasonable amount of money to promote the page among targeted customer groups. The results delivered through Facebook marketing is worth when compared to the amount you pay. Therefore, Facebook can be considered as one of the most cost-effective methods available out there for the modern world Hotel owners to promote their Hotels.

As you can see, Facebook is in a position to help Hotel owners in many different ways. Therefore, any Hotel owner can think about creating a Facebook page to experience all these benefits in the long run.

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