Building a Hotel that will become rated as a 5-star hospitality accommodation can be quite the challenge, especially when you start considering all of the steps involved in launching an authoritative local branding campaign and creating a luxurious atmosphere.

If you’re new to the industry and you’ve never owned or operated a 5-star Hotel, you probably have tons of questions about how to proceed and you may have doubts about your ability to take an establishment from being completely unknown to being highly recommended on travel reviews sites across the web.

For starters, try implementing the following five tips on the road to making your Hotel a world-class place to be:

1. Start with Amazing Architecture

The extravagance of every Hotel begins with the architectural design of the building itself, as that will be the first major decision you’ll have to make during the developmental phase.

Working with a team of design professionals who have experience in designing luxury Hotels in your area is an ideal approach to take.

For example, if you’re wanting to build a hotel in Australia, you could collaborate with Norrsken Ko. to wind up with a fully bespoke, state-of-the-art architectural plan for your Hotel.

2. Hire Incredibly Friendly and Helpful Staff Members

Of course, looks aren’t everything, because the quality of the Hotel’s customer service will play a huge role in how well it’s rated and reviewed on travel sites.

Thus, hiring the right people to represent your brand will be extremely important, especially in the early going when a single bad review can significantly hurt your rating.

Secret Hotel Critic and journalists will eventually stop through to conduct a review of your establishment, so it’s imperative to ensure you have the right staff members present when that happens.

3. Offer On-Site Services

If you’ve ever been to a few 5-star Hotels, then you already know that it’s common for them to offer additional conveniences and services such as spas, salons, massage parlors, and restaurants.

Some hotels even offer babysitting services. In this same lane, the quality of your room service needs to be outstanding.

4. Luxury Amenities and Appliances

Building a 5-star Hotel is all about creating a heavenly atmosphere where people can enjoy themselves in the most luxurious manner possible.

This means having exceptional furniture, the latest and greatest TVs, in-room appliances, welcoming lobby comfort, and top-tier amenities like exotic bathrooms & balconies.

5. Set a Premium Price

To create the 5-star image, you need to charge 5-star pricing. There’s no sense in trying to be competitive on price because you don’t want to ever be viewed as the “cheaper option.”

Don’t Forget the Location and Landscaping

Finally, while it’s possible to pop up a 5-star Hotel in just about any area where there are decent scenery and tourism, location is always a factor to consider when assessing the likelihood of making a Hotel reach 5-star status.

Likewise, remember that the appearance of the grounds should be allocated a generous budget during the initial construction.

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