5 Ways to Market Your Hotel Business to Oversea Visitors

Hotel businesses have traditionally been a marketing challenge due to restrictions on worldwide communication. However, international hotel marketing has become much easier for businesses in today’s world because the Internet has simplified the marketing process. Businesses can now find prospective clients faster and at lower costs. Hotel businesses can even utilize online tools to fill same-day vacancies. Below are five ways from Hunt Migration to market your hotel business to visitors from overseas.

1. Travel Agencies

Travel agencies are not as important as they once were in the past, but they remain relevant in today’s world. Hotel businesses can thrive by becoming a member of a travel agency’s list of partner destinations. Some travel agencies can bring in thousands of new leads each year that can quickly fill up vacant rooms. The most effective strategy to utilize travel agencies is to network overseas. This means that you should personally go to travel events and trade shows in an attempt to meet travel agents who can send clients to your hotel.

2. Travel Websites

Travel websites are the most important marketing tool available to international hotel businesses in today’s world. Most clients will now find your hotel by using an online search tool that makes it easy to find a hotel in their intended destination. However, it is important to remember the dynamics of travel websites to ensure success. Your business should have an optimized listing that includes high-quality photographs of your facilities and detailed descriptions. You should consider asking guests to leave online reviews to increase your hotel’s online reputation. Some hotels hire a consultant to optimize their travel page listings because these marketing channels are so important.

3. Business Website

Your hotel business should also have its website to help detail-oriented clients understand what your hotel has to offer. A hotel business website should be straightforward and simple in design. Detailed photographs are the most important element of a hotel website, so you might want to consider hiring an expert photographer or borrowing a professional digital camera. Free websites are available, but you should consider hiring a design firm to do a better job. Websites can also function as a lead generation tool by utilizing search engine optimization.

4. Directories

Many websites offer directories of hotels that can help prospective clients decide which hotel is right for them. Directories do not usually have a way for clients to make an immediate purchase, but they can have a link to your website. The most important part of a directory website for hotels in the reviews. Your business must devise an effective directory review strategy to gain a competitive advantage over other hotels in your area. Good reviews and ratings on directory sites can drive a significant number of international travelers to your hotel.

5. Card Networks

International travelers often prefer to become a member of a network that helps them reliably find hotels with minimal hassle. Experienced travelers often get scammed with bad hotels or offers that are too good to be true. Therefore, you should consider becoming a member of a traveler network to increase the number of visitors coming to your hotel. Credit card networks are often the most lucrative options for international hotels because they can bring in a high volume of international travelers. However, you must remember that your hotel will need to meet specific accreditation standards if you plan to become part of a traveler’s network.


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