There is not a single industry that has not been penetrated by mobile apps. Many industries, in fact, have been the biggest beneficiaries of mobile apps. The hotel and travel industry has been a key beneficiary industry of mobile apps. Mobile apps changed the way we book hotels, plan, and execute our travels. Now, mobile apps are inseparable parts of the travel and hospitality industry. 

Despite such a huge and overwhelming role of mobile apps in transforming the hotel and travel industry, several myths and misconceptions and myths prevent some industries from planning their own mobile app footprint. Here we are going to explain some of these key misconceptions and myths. 

Mobile Apps are Similar to Mobile Websites 

This is one of the commonest and widespread myths common among the travel and hotel industry players. Because of the lack of technical knowledge and lack of understanding, many hotel owners and small travel brands consider mobile apps similar to mobile websites. Harboring such a notion, they focus on optimizing their websites for mobile users while not considering building standalone apps.  

Unlike their web counterparts, mobile apps come loaded with a gamut of native features and a fully streamlined native user experience that allows easier and effortless interactions more than anything else. Moreover, with the help of notifications, mobile apps can continuously stay connected and engage their audience. 

As CEO of Square Root Solutions, Mr. CIARAN STONE rightly pointed out, “Mobile apps have also become a localizing instrument for businesses. Thanks to the integrated GPS sensors allowing hyper-local user-focused offerings, they have taken over websites in terms of user experience.”

He insists “Particularly, when it comes to the travel and hotel industry, the scope of personalization, localization and smooth user experience really matter a lot and that is where mobile apps have made breakthroughs through hyper-local user experience.” 

Mobile Apps are for Big Brands 

Many small and local travel and hospitality industry players still consider mobile apps something associated with big brands. They think mobile apps can only help star hotels and globally present travel operators in fetching more booking and more businesses.

They think mobile app development, maintenance, and marketing are really expensive for smaller and local brands.

Because of this widely perceived misconception, many small travel players, despite having a unique value proposition, just miss the business opportunities that can be unleashed by mobile apps. 

In contrast to this misconception, in fact, in an industry like travel and hospitality, mobile apps are more appropriate for creating business opportunities for small and local brands.

Since local travel interests and authentic local hospitality are now considered intrinsic to value propositions for global travelers, local and remote travel brands operating in and around travel destinations away from big cities can capitalize on this through their unique mobile apps.

The local and authentic travel and hospitality experience can only be brought to a global audience through mobile apps. 

Mobile Apps are Cost-Intensive Projects  

Finally, all misconceptions that prevent too many travel and hospitality brands from opting for mobile apps are their cost concern. Yes, the vast majority of small travel brands worldwide consider building apps an expensive proposition, and so they stay away from such a project.

Contrary to their claims, building mobile apps today is not as expensive as it is projected to be. Moreover, there are also alternative options like the Progressive Web App (PWA). 

Do you know, you can just turn your mobile website into a fully-fledged cross-platform app with native mobile features and user experience? Yes, turning a website into a mobile app with features for localization and easy business conversion is neither difficult nor expensive.

On the other hand, you have the latest technologies like Progressive Web App (PWA) to help your good old website behave like a mobile app while remaining a website opened on any browser. 

The Same Booking Features like Website 

Last but not least, all misconceptions are regarding what a mobile app can actually do to the travel and hospitality business. Many industry players think a mobile app for a hotelier or a travel brand will come with the same booming features common with websites.

They think a website for booking is enough for the business, and there is no special value proposition for going after mobile apps. Since booking is happening already through websites, why should we go for a separate mobile app? That’s precisely the logic they bring to the forefront. 

Well, mobile apps, apart from helping them stay in constant communication, can also come equipped with a more immersive user experience to showcase hotel accommodations and travel experiences. Beyond the so-called travel and hotel booking features, mobile apps can allow more localization, personalization, and native platform-specific user experience. 


There are still hotel and travel businesses that consider building a mobile app as a preposterous decision since they already have established a brand, continuous growth trajectory, and enough audience buzz to keep them in focus.

So, there are still travel brands underplaying their mobile app ambitions.  

Well, since the app user experience is increasingly facilitating a level-playing field for both small and big business brands, travel and hospitality brands can advantageously utilize mobile apps to improve branding, boost business conversion and incorporate innovations.

Defying these misconceptions and myths travel and hospitality brands have to shape their digital presence through mobile apps.  

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