It’s no surprise that times have changed — and, sometimes, it can be hard to reshape your business so that it, too, shifts with the times. The hospitality and travel industries are no exception to this, and stagnation may be the reason why your Hotel is underperforming. Looking for specifics to help you turn things around, boost occupancy and regain the profits you seek? Here are six common reasons why today’s Hotels falter — and how you can avoid them.

1. You Don’t Have a Social Media Presence

Your modern Hotel guest could log onto your company website, click through the gallery of professional photos you’ve carefully selected and decide to book with you. But more and more people have turned to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to find where they want to stay — without a presence there, your accommodation could get lost in the fray.

Building a social media presence has more positives than just increased bookings, although that’s a solid reason to enhance your online profiles. You can use social media to reach out and connect with former and future guests. Have them share and tag their favorite photos taken at your Hotel, then re-share the best images. They’ll love seeing their pics posted on your feed — it might be enough to inspire a second booking.

2. Direct Booking Doesn’t Function Properly

You’d prefer your guests to reserve a room directly through you than through a third-party booking website. However, if yours doesn’t have the same functionality as, say, Orbitz or Expedia, your guests will start to look elsewhere.

So, go through a direct-booking checklist to see if your site works the way it’s supposed to. For starters, ensure that guests can use your website on a computer or a smartphone — a dysfunctional mobile site could by stalling your sales. Other potential setbacks include a slow loading time, a gallery of subpar hotel photos or a lack of positive customer reviews.

3. You Haven’t Experimented with Apps

We just touched on the fact that today’s consumer relies on their smartphone for almost everything, including booking hotels. This means your hotel should have an app-based presence, whether that means designing a brand-specific app for browsing and booking accommodations or finding a pre-made app through which you market your hotel.

In the case of the latter, you have a great option in HotelTonight. Through this app, last-minute travelers can find last-minute hotel rooms at a great price. If you open up your empty rooms to this app, guests can book with the tap of a touch screen — and you’ll quickly fill your vacancies for boosted income.

4. Customers Have No Incentive to Return

Hotels in year-round tourist destinations, like New York City or San Francisco, might not have to worry about enticing their former customers to come back again and again. These places have high demand regardless, so hoteliers don’t have to work as hard to find new business.

On the other hand, hotels farther out from tourist draws, or hotels in places where people travel during certain seasons might have to get a bit more creative to incentivize repeat stays. That’s where a loyalty program comes in — many hotels have tried such systems with great success. They provide a free night after a certain number of stays, or they give loyalty members discounts. This type of treatment makes people want to return, and that’s powerful for your business.

5. There’s No On-Site Technology

You want to provide your guests with a personal touch, but technology has begun to make hotel stays even more comfortable and seamless. For instance, many Hotels have installed tablets or devices, such as the Alexa for Hospitality, with which guests can customize room temperature, lighting, and music. They can also use such technology to order room service or extra towels. Some devices act as a digital concierge, providing restaurant or entertainment recommendations and reservations.

On top of that, you might consider staging a few tablets in the lobby to hasten check-in for those who don’t need the full-service treatment. With a personalized hotel app, they can also check-in and out — more incentive to get your Hotel’s app up and running.

6. You Lack the Local Touch

Finally, today’s guests want to feel like their chosen Hotel is unique — that it’s a travel draw in and of itself. So, spruce up the look of your hotel with local touches, whether that means hiring a local artist to create artwork or serving a welcome snack that’s native to the area. Try and decorate each room so that no two are exactly alike, and ensure that common areas, such as the lobby, have personality and flair, too.

You can harp on local through the activities the hotel organizes or, at least, suggests. You might want to draw up a walking tour of the area around the Hotel to introduce guests to the neighborhood and the secrets only natives would know. Travelers love these sorts of tips, and they’ll appreciate your hotel for providing them.

Now, Succeed in 2019

With these tips in mind, you probably know a few ways to spruce up your hotel for the modern guest. Whether you need to update your technology, build an app or spruce up the decor, you’ve got your idea — now, run with it. Once you’re finished, all you have left to do is succeed in 2019 and beyond.

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