Does the thought of planning for your holiday get you stressed rather than excited? If yes, it’s time to think of ways to make things a tad easier. With careful planning and some smart decorating ideas, you can pull off a memorable holiday experience. Keep reading to discover 7 entertaining tips to make your holiday stress-free.

1. Eliminate Door Duty

Answering the door every time a guest checks in can get you tired even before the party begins. It also takes lots of your time that you could have otherwise spent enjoying the party. Hanging a welcoming sign that informs guests they’re free to come in can help you do away with this disruption. Add a unique holiday touch by clipping some winter flowers.

2. Opt for Monochrome Bouquets for a Simple, Classy Look

Instead of attempting to play with those multicolored market flowers, opt for single-colored bouquets. Then place them in several different containers that complement your house décor. It’s easier to arrange and spot smaller containers over the dinner table compared to larger ones.

3. Dim the Lights

If the atmosphere in your house feels a bit dull, dimming the lights is a quick fix. Don’t switch on any conspicuous overhead lights. Instead, use table lamps and candles that provide a soft glow for your lighting needs. With your dimmer switches, reduce the light until the place feels inviting and cozy.

Remember, guests feel more relaxed and tend to keep the conversation flowing in a dimly lit space. Another great way to create a pleasant ambiance is to have the right music playlist. Instead of subjecting your guests to back-to-back traditional holiday tunes, you can fill the party with more fun-filled holiday cheer by incorporating a few modern favorites.

Bonus Tip: LED grow lights are a must-have if indoor plants are part of your home décor. Combined with your softer-glow lighting sources, these devices can help you create a pleasant, soothing mood in your space.

4. Be Creative with Your Seating Arrangements

If you’re expecting more than eight guests for a sit-down dinner, assigning places is always a wise idea. It allows you to incorporate some aspect of fun into your seating arrangement. Assigning separate spaces to couples always encourages more conversation. Seating your most fascinating guest adjacent to an introvert can help get the shy one to actively participate in the conversation.

Another strategy that can help you create a more entertaining atmosphere at your upcoming holiday party is expanding your guest list beyond your relatives, friends, and workmates. Consider inviting a new neighbor or asking a friend to come with a guest.

5. Set up a Stunning Buffet and a Self-serve Bar

Rather than offering a formal sit-down meal, opt for a buffet. Creating a stunning buffet enables you to not just pull off a relaxed ambiance but also enables your guests to engage in more casual conversations as they enjoy their food. The meals can be as fancy as what you might offer at a formal seated dinner, with the extra advantage of easy preparation.

Once dinner is over, guests will require something else to drink. Having a self-serve bar with wine, beer, and a bucket of ice-cold water already set up will go a long way in making your party unforgettable. Also, ensure non-alcoholic drinks are available for those who don’t take alcohol or are driving.

6. Create a DIY Bouquet Station

Some of your guests will bring flowers and will need somewhere to place them. Instead of spending a lot of your hard-earned cash on vases, consider setting up a bouquet station by yourself.

Convert some of your small household bottles into vases and place them along with a water jug, some scissors, and elastics at a specific spot.

7. Maximize Your Space

Surface space is extremely important when hosting a holiday party. Remove clutter from your living room to create more space. Take things like coffee tables, extra chairs, huge lamps, and anything that occupies too much space in the store.

If removing all of this stuff doesn’t do it for you, consider getting some home additions that will make your space home and spacious for your next holiday party!

Final word

These seven entertaining ideas will help you save both time and money during your next holiday party. They’ll also help you create great memories without draining too much of your energy. If the budget allows, you can even further personalize your party with some theme-based personalized jewelry from Ariana Nila that will always remind your guests of the event.

Don’t forget that planning carefully and being creative is an important part of pulling off a superb holiday party.

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