The hospitality business has its trials. With so much competition, it’s difficult to stay ahead. But if you want to attract and engage clients, change your advertising. Combine offline and online promotion techniques to increase your brand’s awareness.

To help you, we’ve put together 7 Killing Rooftop bars marketing ideas that work.

Organize a Party but Add a Password

Organizing a themed party once a week can attract new customers to your sky bar and engage your loyal clientele. Pick a theme by considering your target market and use online social media to spread the word. To spice things up you can add a password.

You can play with the rules and include different purchase thresholds which will grant clients access to the party. You’re leveraging on human’s natural curiosity and adding an exclusive feel to your rooftop bar. Not everybody can get in.

Rooftop Bars: Birthday Promotions

Organize various birthday bar promotions and offer free drinks and food to clients on their birthday.

Also, bring out the bubbly and sparkles. You won’t be losing any money if you increase loyal customers’ engagement. Clients always appreciate special attention.

Make them feel happy at your sky bar and they’ll always return with friends.

Pop-up shop event

Search for new and interesting product releases online and invite the company to install a booth at your rooftop bar. Use social media networks or the hotel’s website to promote the event.

A demo option and a significant discount on the product are also a good choice. Clients can use the product before purchasing it and enjoy a discount if they buy drinks from your bar.

Run A Contest

You can run a contest that involves 3-5 clients acting as bartenders. The other customers can vote for their favorite drink using their mobile phones and the winner gets one drink free for one year at your bar.

Send out newsletters and press releases about the contest. It’s affordable and a great way to get the word out.

Get a celebrity bartender

Celebrity bartenders will attract new clients. Matching your brand with a celebrity is a winning combo. But how can you find your celebrity?

Check out the tv shows, pick your favorite bartender, and find out how to get in touch. Social media accounts are efficient. Another good strategy is to get sponsorship from your main suppliers. They can help you pay off the celebrity’s appearance fee.

Entertainment Activities

Video and bar games always attract followers. You can host different tournaments throughout the month including pinball, darts, or board games. Also, why not capitalize on your customers’ singing talent?

Organize a karaoke night and give a free drink for a week to the winner and his/her friends. But don’t rule out the power of a bingo night or dancing competitions.

Include a Game on the Hotel’s Website

You can install a game on the Hotel’s website which can include a redesign competition of your bar’s interior. Clients can add various items to the bar’s layout. Include different items in the game’s portfolio.

To make things more interesting, you can set a budget for virtual purchases. After submitting their idea to the main platform, other players can vote for their favorite design. Who achieves the most votes is the winner and you can offer various gifts such as free drinks or special discounts.

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