8 Hotel Marketing Trends For 2016 You Need To Know

2016 has started as one of the most fascinating and exciting years in a long time for us that follow the Hotel Industry close.

For me as an Independent Hotel Blogger and Social Media Manager, it has been a time to gather a lot of data that needed to be analyzed. And as always I have the opportunity to put my little twist on the information I share on my blog.

We are in a really exciting time for the Hotel Industry that will require shifts for all of us. In my articles, I work on balancing evergreen principles and value innovation with real-time information.

New trends move Hotels toward the Opportunity Age. We know Millenials and Generation Z will be the new exciting targeted market segments for Hotels.

Knowing the proper segmentation strategies for your Hotel is important. But Millenials and Generation Z is not a static segment similar to Baby Boomers. They represent a dynamic segment that makes decisions based on new Social Criteria.

Hotel Status

We got reports that the Americas in 2016 will be the most liquid country in terms of transaction volume. 2015 was the second-highest year ever in global Hotel transactions.

Hotel value will continue to rise in 2016, with the highest value increase expected in secondary markets. Cross-border activity will remain strong, and the big targets will be Japan and across Western Europe.

One online magazine described 2015 and 2016 as merger mania for Hotels. And that appears to be a fairly accurate description.

  • Marriott acquires Starwood
  • Accor Hotels acquires FRHI Hotels
  • IHG acquires Kimpton
  • Wyndham acquires Dolce Hotels,
  • HNA Tourism Group Co., Ltd. acquires Carlson Hotels

By merging, Hotels plan to capture economies of scale, sustain their profitability, find business model convergences, and improve their product quality.

The easiest way for Hotels to access new customers and renewed customers is to take advantage of established assets. Under pressure from innovative online start-ups, shifting traveler preferences, deregulation, and an increasing number of competitors, Hotels are consolidating to preserve their futures.

Millennials and Generation Z Status

The millennial generation and generation Z have a strong influence on the Travel and Hotel Industry. Not only do they represent tomorrow’s leisure and business travelers, but they also represent the entrepreneurial spirit. The sharing economy is what answers to their need. It is now a force to be reckoned with.

This next generation of travelers prefers cultural tours and hands-on experiences to weekend vacations at a beach hotel. Wasting time under an umbrella is no longer the draw; instead, it’s all about taking life by the horns and doing something worthwhile. And more important record every detail of their journey with the help of new technology.

In their effort to meet fast-changing demands, traditional Hotels should view recent market shifts as an opportunity. Personalization can no longer be met by Hotels known for “standard” experiences. Being an iconic Hotel brand may even turn into a constraint when it comes to fulfilling the wide variety of experiences travelers seek.

Innovators like Airbnb, HomeExchange.com, VRBO, Craigslist, and others are tapping directly into shifting demands. Some Hotel brands have learned from their successes and, to maintain their leadership, initiating new development projects employing new approaches, such as Hotel properties with both standard rooms and standalone homes, some with shared ownership and managed rentals.

Not only are customers getting more dynamic so are the competitions.

Trends can change quickly and the Hotel Industry must keep up with the latest digital development and opportunities. Today Hotels have to seek opportunities daily and be willing to adapt and change on the go.

8 Hotel Marketing Trends for 2016 you need to know – INFOGRAPHIC

Some of the Hotel Marketing trends are driven by millennials and Generation Z.

  • The video is the best way to grab potential guests’ attention and 52% of marketing professionals worldwide say that video has the best return on investment.
  • 2016 will see the rise of new methods to complete payment. Apple Pay is one such example of where mobile payments are more secure.
  • Between 30% and 35% of a hotel website’s revenue is a direct result of organic search engine referrals and an optimum content marketing strategy is key to driving this.

Hospitality and Hotel Marketing Trends

Credit: Nerval.

Are Hotels doing enough to stay on top of real-time changes in market trends?

Surprise and delight are what make dreams come true.


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