1. Social Hospitality a trending market segment

Social Hospitality is already here. Start taking advantage of this new market segment. Consumers are now looking for Hotel advice from their Social Network. Your Hotel needs to be part of their Social Network. A blog will be the hub of your Social Network. One of the greatest values Hotel can share with their consumers is Stories. Start communicating with your consumers. Be flexible on your blog. And treat your blog as part of your Hotel business.

Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique & Luxury Hotel – Travel Blog is great example on how to adapt to utilize a blog.

2. Be the voice of your Hotel

Your consumers are getting savvier and are already using Social Media and New Media to tell their friends and family through various Social Networks about their Hotel Experience. Consumer’s today blog about their Hotel Experiences – they share info through videos – audios and podcasts. They tweet their info and them check-in through their location-based service. Either the consumer provides positive info or concerns about your product or service you Hotel need to respond to them. If the consumer shoots a video that reflects concern about your Hotel, then respond with a video where you apologize and empathize plus show what action steps been take to address the concern. Take ownership of your Hotel, and show your consumers that your Hotel cares. Use your Hotel blog to reach out to your consumers.

3. Building Brand Equity

A blog can increase the consumer’s awareness of your Hotels products and services. Focus on the relationship, trust, and care for your consumers. Provide value related to your products and services. Demonstrate flexibility. Build proper listening outposts to reach out to consumers that mention your Hotel. Be truthful and honest.

4. Consumer Loyalty

Providing stories related to your product and services tend to develop a loyal readership. Share information that your consumers are interested in, and that provide additional value when seeking out info about your Hotel. Capture your consumers with several call-to-action buttons that allow them to get additional info through various Social Media channels.

5. Creating a community

Social Media or New Media consumers like to gather with others like them. Let your blog be an area that allows them to share ideas and provide input related to your service and product. Invite your consumers to provide guest articles. Provide specials or set up a meeting area at your Hotel. Be creative, and share info from gatherings like this on your blog.

6. Attracts new advertisers

A blog is more attractive for advertisers or sponsors. Be open to utilizing some of your blog real estate for new revenue channels.

7. Optimized for Search Engines

Google Instant and other search engines favor well-defined content. Mainly keep topic related to your product and services.

8. Leaving lasting Social Footprints

Show goodwill on your blog and reach out to your local community. Show consumers how your Hotel supports charities etc. If a family needs in your area – reach out provide a goodwill room and food. Share their stories on your blog.

If your employees have kids on a sports team, show your support. Participate in your employees and the community’s social activities.


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