One exciting part of working in the hospitality industry is that all types of people pass through hotels every day. They all have unique stories and reasons to be there, but they also have different expectations and needs.

It’s crucial that hotel staff meet the needs of all their guests, both to encourage guests to book again and to help spread positive word of mouth. The key is to anticipate new accommodations and be ready to meet them as they arise.

The following accommodation tips will help hotels create a pleasant place to stay for all their guests. They’re time- and cost-effective, ultimately resulting in more business and happier guests.

1. Apologize Every Time

Sometimes mistakes happen and guests become upset. Their room service may have gone to the wrong floor or their bill charged for something they didn’t order.

Apologize whenever a guest complains, whether your hotel is at fault or not. Apologizing for the mistake or miscommunication is a de-escalation technique that usually results in happier guests.

2. Prepare Welcome Gifts

Loyalty rewards members or VIP guests expect to get a little something more out of their hotel stay. Have hotel staff make welcome gifts for guests, since it’s an easy way to accommodate and surprise them.

Leave chocolates or a bottle of champagne in their room, depending on their membership level. Write a note congratulating them on their recent wedding or pointing out fun things to do in town while they’re on a family trip if you know the reason they’re traveling.

This thoughtfulness always impresses guests and shows how accommodating the hotel can be.

3. Print out a Guide

People from out of town will search the internet for places to eat and things to do, but they’ll most likely feel overwhelmed after a long day of traveling. A printed guidebook in the room helps them figure out what they want to do and what’s within their budget.

Suggest apps that deliver food to the hotel, entertainment they can walk to, or free events happening that week. Even if they don’t use any of the resources on the list, it’s a personal way to thank them for staying at your hotel.

4. Accept Surprise Deliveries

Guests may expect their pizza or Chinese food to arrive in their room without fail, but some guests may get surprise deliveries. Train hotel staff to accept flower deliveries, wine bottles, and birthday balloons for guests who have checked in or will check in on the same day. The guests will appreciate having their deliveries taken care of without ever having to ask.

5. Update Your Fitness Center

People are always looking for the newest and most effective ways to workout. Including the standard step machine and treadmill in a small fitness center may not be enough to accommodate their needs.

Instead, update the hotel fitness center by investing in new equipment, a bigger space, or partnered classes with local fitness clubs. Guests who value sticking to their fitness routine while they’re away from home will use the fitness center and remember it when they need a place to stay in the future.

6. Start Green Business Practices

Going green has become popular over the last decade. People want to minimize their carbon footprint, even while they’re away from home.

A recent study found two-thirds of travelers want to book green hotels. Make sure to start environmentally business practices and explain them on your hotel’s website. Things like cutting down on laundry, reducing food waste at the continental breakfast, and installing energy-efficient lighting will attract more guests of all ages.

7. Create an App

A hotel brand may have an app for easy mobile booking, but can guests continue to use that app once they check-in? Nearly all guests enjoy the convenience of smartphone apps, so create one they can use during their stay.

Room service and front desk requests are easy to call for and even easier to send to hotel staff by tapping away on a phone or tablet. Putting everything in one place makes it straightforward to accommodate guests’ needs and for staff to stay up to date on the tasks they need to do.

8. Send a Feedback Survey

Not every guest will take the time to complete a survey after they check out, but those who do will provide invaluable feedback. Listen to what guests have to say by creating and sending a feedback survey that every guest automatically gets in their email or membership app after they leave.

Listening to what your guests loved or wished they could change about their stay will guide the hotel’s future development. Communicating through a survey, using an app, and having deliveries sent to their room are all things guests will need accommodation for, and that hotel staff can meet without fail.

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