Organizing a business conference from the ground up can be quite a challenge. It’s possible for the planning of such an event to take a couple of years, depending on the scale of the gathering. However, smaller events can be organized in much less time if you follow a few simple steps.

What is Your Vision?

Before you start planning any of the details, you need to have a vision. Once you’ve got an idea of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it, you can transform your vision into words and numbers.

The basics you need to think about including who the conference is aimed at, what it’s going to be about, when and where it’s going to be held and the purpose of the event.

Write a Business Plan

If your event is being funded by a grant or organization, you could omit this step. If you need to look for financing for your event, you’re going to need a business plan that details where your money is coming from and what it’s going to be used for.

Compare Services and Venues

When you’ve got an idea of the type of conference you’re planning, you can start looking around for a suitable venue. The venue you choose is also going to impact on many of the other costs, so make sure you choose wisely.

Wherever you might be planning to hold the conference, there are going to be a variety of venues to choose from. If you’re planning to hold the event in Adelaide, for example, there are some very suitable locations. Adelaide Hills Convention Centre is one conference venue option, and you can find out more details by visiting

Planning On-Site Details

Some of the on-site details you’ll need to consider include how attendees will navigate the conference, the general layout of each room, and how beverages and food will be distributed.

The best way to coordinate these details is to run through your itinerary as if you were one of the guests. Imagine what they’re going to be thinking and how they’re going to act during the day.

Book Some Good Speakers

People are going to need a reason to attend your conference and one of the biggest attractions is going to be the caliber of the guest speakers. If possible, pick people you know and like. If you’re enthusiastic about them it’s going to show, and your attendees will be excited too.

Look for Sponsors

The cost of holding a conference can be expensive but you don’t want the cost of tickets to put people off. The simple solution to overcome this problem is to look for sponsors. Not only will it keep costs down, but it will also impress your audience.

Think about what you can offer sponsors in return for their commitment. You could include their logo, an opportunity for a representative to introduce speakers, banners, and adverts, a stall where they can sell their products or the chance to provide food, drinks, or prizes.

Market Your Event

With the foundations in place, you can turn your attention to making sure your event pays for itself. Spread the message via word of mouth, blog posts, social media, videos, and focussed adverts if your budget will allow for this kind of expense.

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