Agile Marketing principles are new exciting ideas that take advantage of the real power of Social Media. For Hotels Agile Marketing will push a shift towards new innovative solutions that will tap into uncontested markets.

Agile marketing is setting up processes that enable Hotels to create marketing strategies and use tactics that are more responsive to today’s dynamic marketplace.

In digital marketing, ‘agile’ involves identifying opportunities to use new, disruptive technologies and techniques on digital marketing platforms and responding to the use of these.

Data shows that brands practicing some form of Agile marketing were far more likely (81%) to be satisfied with the way their team handles work than those using traditional processes (44%) or who handle their work in an ad hoc fashion (27%). Agile marketers also report a higher emphasis on producing quality work than their more-traditional counterparts.

Anticipating and acting on the Customer Experience in Real Time

Today it is a known fact that customers are savvier in understanding Hotels’ information flow. With the increasing use of date Hotels put in place to personalize the customer experience, comes an expectation that the Hotel should anticipate customer needs before they even come up.

One of the key components of Agile Marketing is to put in place simple effective plans that respond to change. And this process utilizes frameworks that identify the rapid changes that come as a result of new technology, New Media, and Social Media.

The principles build up a framework where your Hotel identify a set of goals and aspiration to get your team in the same direction. And then every week to four weeks reset the priorities.

This type of shift will challenge traditional Hotel Marketing practice. But a 1-2-page framework empathizes on the rapid changes that let your Hotel focus on the simple and little things that are important to the customers’ real-time moment.

The challenges we see in the Hotel Industry is that marketers believe current processes are working well enough.

Most Hotels prefer to plan their work using a lot of detail and then try to stick to the plan to the best of their ability.

Agile Marketing takes a new approach to manage the Hotels workflow, such as daily lineups, backlogs, and Kanban boards. Plans are flexible and change often.

Kanban Board

One of the key advantages of this type of strategy is the ability to change gears quickly and effectively based on feedback.

Concerns are identified and resolved early in the process.

With ongoing training and team collaboration on each of the components in your Hotels framework, you empower your team and as a result, get more happy team workers.

And the benefits of Agile Marketing and happy team players are higher quality work and more productive teams.

Agile Marketing the biggest opportunity for growth

In recent years brands in general discovered the value of the connected customer. Today it is the connected customer that drives the trends as a result of technology.

New Media and Social Media have generated unprecedented growth in Social Networking. As a result of this customers now expect to communicate with brands in real time and will actively avoid those that don’t respond in real time.

One of the most exciting growth opportunities today lays in optimizing the customer experience.

As a Hotel marketer, you need to know you can’t just expect everything to be mapped out flawlessly.

The Kanban board allows Hotel to identify a challenge or concern early on. And then look at alternative solutions. It also opens for optimizing what is working and find new creative ways to improve it.

When Hotels look at the opportunity for growth look at the key factors that are important for the customer;

  • Variety – create an area for a wider audience which can be enjoyed in a Social Setting
  • Customer Performance – focus on recruiting team members that are well trained and know how to surprise and delight the customer at all reference points
  • Brand Aspiration – become the Hotel brand where customers seek to meet friends and add new values to their customer experience

A shift in mindset

The agile team members have a new focus on how to deliver unique customer performance. It focuses on culture based on respect, collaboration, improvement and learning cycles, pride in ownership, delivering values, and the ability to adapt to change.

It is a new mindset that leads to cultivating high-performing teams, who in turn delivers amazing value.

And the good news for Hotels is that agile marketing embrace servant leadership that helps the team succeed.

The highest priority of the Hotel team is to satisfy the customers through swift, early, and continuous delivery of alternative solutions that solves a concern.

The key concept of agile marketing plays in teamwork and collaboration. Team members will look for new ways to join their community to do better work more effectively.

It focuses on principles where the data guide their efforts.

When you acknowledge a concern swift and respond fast often change the customer’s mindset.


Agile marketing requires a cultural shift for Hotels.

We all are now rewriting our strategies based on a new currency – customer experience.

Revenue per human is what Hotel marketers need to focus on. And from there create new uncontested markets where your Hotel can own and define.

The customer experience will be so deeply entrenched in a Hotel’s product, process, and culture that it will be synonymous with the brand and represent the only way to do business.

The good thing is, every Hotel has the opportunity to influence how customers feel about their experience and to reap the benefits this brings. All you need to do is make sure yours is one of them.

And the outcome of following the principles of Agile marketing is that you end up turning both team members and customers to brand ambassadors.

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