Breakthrough SmartHotel Tailor New and Renewed Customer Needs

Imagine an all in one mobile application for Hotels. conichi is digitalizing the hotel experience for guests and hotel employees.

conichi’s technology integrates with Hotel property management systems, point-of-sale systems, and loyalty programs and provides Hotels with beacon technology to recognize traveler’s mobile devices.

Beacons technology introduces the next level of Hospitality Service

The terms beacon is used to describe the technology that enables mobile apps to understand the geographic location of its user and then deliver relevant content to them based on their immediate environment.

At this stage in the beacon revolution, however, it does appear that they are being used by loyal brand customers, i.e. those who are already very engaged with a Hotels brand product and services.

For a customer to receive offers and promotions from Hotels via beacons, they first need to download the Hotels app and then turn on their Bluetooth signal to start receiving information.

Hotels today that started to utilize innovative beacon technology have involved their employees gather key attributes for every room in the Hotel.

This can be things like the type of fridge, the type of workspace in the room, whether the room has one or two beds, the type of entertainment system, whether it’s far from the elevator, whether it’s near the ice machine, whether it’s on a high floor or low floor, what type of view the room has, whether it has connecting doors.

The principle behind is us this an all in one mobile application to personalize the customer experience.

conichi utilize big data to help Hotels better meet new demands and customer needs, and ultimately increase sales and save operation costs.

Key features tailored to new and renewed customer needs

Guest Recognition:Mobile check-in: The fastest hotel check-in out there! Send your pre-filled guest form and room preference before arrival for a seamless check-in. Your staff only needs to ask for a signature of the guest to speed up the process of the check-in.

Hotel to guest communication: Upsell and increase outlet sales through clever targeted push notifications. Plus, send important messages directly to the guest’s phone.

Operation optimization: Personalized service and operation optimization go hand in hand with conichi. App guests can follow fast check-in/out procedures and enjoy a customized stay while staff can focus on other guests.

Digital keyMobile check-out – Pay securely via the app and distinguish between work and private expenses, then… just walk out!


conichi is embracing the Community and providing an innovative tool for Hotels that let them personalize the experience in new unique ways. By enhancing the entire experience it becomes better to travel, making it easier, making it seamless.


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