Is your Hotel ready to start capturing the next generation traveler and scaling the customer experience?

Today travelers can and do prepare for every aspect of any experience, big or small. Whether they’re taking a vacation across the globe or dining at a neighborhood café, people have a low tolerance for ‘negative’ surprises.

There’s a lot of planning that goes into traveling. And the modern traveler increasingly turns to devices for help.

With connectivity being such a fundamental part of our lives today, travelers are online at every stage of their journey.

Whether it’s Social Media, review sites or your Hotels website there’s a huge audience of potential customers active online, just waiting to be inspired.

Throughout the traveler’s journey, there are important micro-moments when the traveler turns to their devices with the intent to answer an immediate need.

What happens in these micro-moments ultimately affects the travel decision-making process.

How Hotel Experience Ambassadors will help seal the deal

In Demark the government there has introduced a non-conventional diplomat. They have implemented their first tech ambassador to help rewrite the international relations playbook.

The intention is taking diplomacy back to its roots and exercising national interest and try to influence the direction of change on a global scale.

And technology and tech companies are the catalysts for the change. As a result of this part of the tech ambassador’s role is to be more vigilant to prevent the spreading of fake news information or scenarios like what happened with Cambridge Analytica.

The Hotel will also need to start being proactive for the fast-moving changes that technology, Social Media, New Media, AI and more bring on.

Start implementing a Hotel Experience Ambassador that will help rewrite the Hotel relations playbook.

Hiring Hotel Experience Ambassadors to rewrite the Hotel relations playbook

Hotel Experience Ambassador

Your Hotel Experience Ambassador will engage with travelers throughout their journey and help identify the important micro-moments that drive actions.

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Dreaming moment

Dreaming moments happen when travelers are exploring destination options and ideas with no firm plans. At this stage, they are looking for inspiration.

During this moment travelers turn to various Social Media networks to look for inspirations and create travel lists that will include the ideal accommodations and experience.

Planning moment

Planning moments happen when travelers have chosen a destination. They’re looking for the right dates, the right flight, the right place to stay, and all the things they’ll do while they’re there.

It is important to consider here that this moment also includes research.

Travelers will visit from 20 – 40 websites during research.

In the early stages of planning, many travelers want a look at what their experience could entail. And that sneak peek sparks excitement. We often see this behavior play out in a search.

The Hotel Experience Ambassador will here create exciting sneak peeks through webinars, live video, video or images distributed through the community.

Booking moment

Booking moments happen when the research is done, and travelers are ready to book their tickets and reserve their rooms.

Here the Hotel Experience Ambassador must have a good perspective of what is said about the Hotel on various review sites.

For Hotels, the best booking moments are related to #Directbooking. The Hotel Experience Ambassador will focus on value, quality, local experiences and build unique relationships with travelers that provide them with the qualified knowledge that triggers a #Directbooking.

Experience moment

Experiencing moments happen when the travel journey is underway. Travelers are ready to live the trip from their dreaming moments.

The traveler has chosen your Hotel and while online marketing is important, the outcome of the experience moment is largely reliant on your Hotel team and the experience the traveler has while staying with you.

Travelers today expect a more informed and collaborative experience, driven by the growing functionality of smart tech devices.

One of the key roles for the tech ambassador from Denmark is to perform TechPlomacy. This is an acknowledgment of the key role that technology and digitalization play and will increasingly play in the future for individuals and societies alike.

In short: TechPlomacy aims at reshaping the way Denmark ‘think’ and ‘do’ diplomacy in the 21st Century.

The Hotel Experience Ambassadors role is very similar where it aims to reshape the way Hotels ‘think’ and ‘deliver’ customer experiences in the future.

Hotel & Spa Tech Live is Europe’s leading event for the technology, systems, products, and services that are breaking new ground in the hotel and spa sector. The event takes place on the 25th & 26th of September 2018 at ExCeL, London. Register for your free ticket NOW here.

Sharing moment

The sharing moment happens when the traveler plants a seed for someone else’s dreaming moment.

All kinds of content including pictures, video, reviews, and blogs are so easily shared online it’s a great way for travelers to show where they’ve been and inspire others to visit the same places.

So, whether your traveler posts a photo of the incredible views from the Hotel balcony or takes the time to write a five-star review of the Hotel experience, sharing the moments they had will encourage other travelers during their dreaming moment and planning moment.

Your Hotel Experience Ambassador will target travelers at each one of these moments of the travel journey. This will not only will ensure your brand is with them along their journey you’ll stand out from your competitors by enabling your travelers to share their experience with their extended peer network.

Search Experience Optimization will help spark important excitement throughout the traveler’s journey. Your Hotel will now help the traveler with building new unique confidence in their decisions.

I have loved with all of my heart and soul serving customers, guests, and Hoteliers. As a Hotel Experience Ambassador, I gained a new passion for being a representative and messenger delivering new profound and delightful experiences.

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When your Hotel serves your community they will reward you back with serving you.

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